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Thanx for the detailed review, Bob. I've been debating trading in my Kindle 1 for an iPad, and waiting to hear more feedback from users. I think the comparison to other devices will ultimately put iPad in an unfavorable light, as it is none of the things to which we've grown accustomed. Perhaps your mom is the best target market: occasional users who won't use it for long periods and who won't generate content. It's a new class of device, and I think it's biggest impact will be to have us see all content as a multimedia experience. As for AAPL stock: I think revenue and profits will be driven by iPhone for some time, with all other products being seen as further evidence that this is the company to point us to the communications future.
Glad you're well and back in action. You've inspired me to write a blog post about my surgery last year, which I believe can help others form their own opinion about making choices when faced with prostate cancer. You sound great! I'm so delighted that you had a great experience and have shared it with us. Thanx again -Joe
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Repairs at the Cleveland Clinic at Bob Sutton
This new research is unfortunate, but not unexpected. I would welcome a variation on the study to determine the effect when bold organizational goals have been created. I believe that the driver of results in this case is not merely the number of rock stars, but the fact that in the absence of BHAGs, the environment quickly degenerates into individual interests. The collaborative generation of bold goals, and the enrollment of people throughout the organization in the achievement of those goals, is a primary leadership objective.
Interesting exercise, any time a fresh perspective is invoked. But even absent such an activity, it pays to remember that most organizational rules are designed to defeat the timid. Be bold, not reckless.
Suggested Passhole before, glad to see it getting traction. It's simple an unmistakable in its intent.
Bob -- Great insight. We used experience modellers (usually PhD's in anthropology) to observe client activities and then work with them to synthesize the key aspects that create a great user experience. Trained as a mechanical engineer, I always appreciated that kind of input to generating something uniquely valuable. It's amazing how that frame sets the challenge, but seeing how great it can be helps bust through the obstacles of actually building the work product. -JoeM
I make every decision with my gut. My gut, however, makes better decisions with the benefit of fact-based input. So it's a matter of applying the discipline of passion-free analysis, then trusting your judgment.