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Let us not forget that the point of the Pope's book is to draw us closer to JESUS, not to become fixated on world opinion concerning the Jews and their issues with the Church. Let us also be mindful that the Temple aristocracy is alive and well, and bears no love toward Our Lord. They would like nothing better than for the world to be distracted from the essential point of the Pope's book.
St. John Chrysostom offers this gloss on Mt 25:27: Nevertheless, the lover of man, though they acted with so much madness, both against themselves, and against their children, so far from confirming their sentence upon their children, confirmed it not even on them, but from the one and from the other received those that repented, and counts them worthy of good things beyond number. For indeed even Paul was of them, and the thousands that believed in Jerusalem; for, “you see it is said, brother, how many thousands of Jews there are which believe.” And if some continued in their sin, to themselves let them impute their punishment. Knowing the Holy Father's attachment to the Fathers of the Church, I wonder if he had St. John Chrysostom's gloss in mind?
There is one saving grace for Christopher Hitchens, which is the fact that he has drawn attention to Blessed Teresa's missionary zeal (for which of course he despises her). Unfortunately, there are not a few so-called "Catholics" who will actually try to refute any claim that Blessed Teresa sought to convert souls to Christ, and they will do this in the name of false ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. Ironically, it takes a vile toad like Christopher Hitchens to set the record straight.
The only good thing about Hitchens is that he dispels the myth that Blessed Teresa didn't want to convert people. Hitchens knows that Blessed Teresa wanted to bring souls to Jesus and he HATES her for it. Like the demons who recognized the Divinity of Christ (to their utter damnation), Hitchens knows exactly what Blessed Teresa was about ... and it makes him froth at the mouth like one possessed.