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Sylvia Ion
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I like the idea of criteria for the contests but some folks do not follow the rules and they are included anyway. I recall your explaination that it is a community thing but as a community we should all follow the same rules. There is a prize, after all. I can't afford swatches right now so I look forward to winning in order to get some free swatches so I can sell more in the marketplace. If some members of the community can just enter whatever they want, we should all be able to do that. If Teddy bears win in a fish contest, how can that be good for the community? This color scheme was difficult for me. I had a better version but could not enter it because of the color rule. Now I see that others tweaked the colors and theirs look good and they may win. It is YOUR contest so you can make the rules. I'm suggesting that the rest of the community should not vote for entries that do not follow the rules even if they are beautiful. I'm just saying...
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How about a Toile? I believe it is a one color line drawing. I saw a Mary Englebright fabric and thought I would like to try that. A contest might gtet me to actually do it. I also like the idea of fabric panels for, perhaps, aprons, hats, vests, or anything. I also like Mother Goose themes.
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