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interesting to see this in large scale. I had similar running on smaller scale a few years ago. 3 RAC nodes (2 stand alone & 1 virtual) + 9 virtual JDE servers (logic, development & web) we ran into performance issues on the DB side. Our primary DB was about 4TB & the development/test were about 2TB each. The problem with the virtual RAC server was shared CPU with other VM guests. Thus the VM was only used a failover, & not as primary node. Each of our physical RAC nodes had 16GB & 1 CPU (2 cores) (to keep the per CPU licensing cost down) I'd be interested to know how the RAC nodes there actually are. (document only says 2 are shown) (everything was connected up to a cx4-240 w/ FC disks using ASM)
I think we share for connection, as well as self serving. I originally started with Pownce then twitter, while I was traveling & stuck in remote corners of the world. I was only once every few weeks near someone who was a native english speaker, & thus I needed someone to talk to. There are times when I do say only to be say, & I do feel that 85% of the those on twitter are on a soapbox & don't want a rebuttal. Connections, whether loved or hated ones, will continually effect you & your decisions.
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so a Vblock is just a marketing term for non-tech executives, to describe IT apps in a box? I can see the ease of selling Vblocks to IT departments, where equipment is coming to EOL. But how do you sell to IT/Executives, for equipment still on the books?
As much as I agree with you on VMs & their placement in the cloud, there are applications which are not cloud applicable. Such as high I/O apps or large data sets. Sure the chip will replace the HDD as the primary data storage, though similar to core 2 duo's vs duo cores, having multiple paths & storage devices has to be faster than having singular large SSDs.
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Drivers in the US are worse, because they're less likely to be stopped by the police; unless they're going way to fast or erratic. In Europe (& I'm sure Japan) if you hang out in the passing lane (when not passing) you'll be ticketed; no signals will be ticketed, etc. The driving tests are nearly useless in the US, as most are done on a closed course. Thus real-world issues are not acted upon.
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a dream come true? hope you got to talk some
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I'm right there with you, & although I was a member of a gym for years, I never had the time or was too stressed to bother to get there. But now as I've got more free time, those 30min every other day, make a marketable improvement, on my health - physical & mental. Though, I did create a 2nd IRA, & do put away my maximum per year, I haven't cut down on the travel, food, wine, etc.
why not you can host your own domain import your posts from multiple sources & do a reverse push to multi-sources?