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tooooooo funny! i'm so glad to know that you DO know how to take it easy and not be such a perfectionista! got to keep the balance and these kind of days help do the trick! there is Freedom in Christ, right? sounds like a great way to wave bye-bye to November. love it.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2009 on I Should Be Ashamed to Admit It at i am mommy
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i read everyone's comment! gosh, there are alot of sweet people! :) i don't read many blogs that have ads. or maybe i just don't notice them? visually, i think we are all used to online ads. there's no getting away from them. comes with the territory. i had no idea people got paid for each time the ads got clicked? i would totally go around clicking your ads just to show my support for you!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Things Successful Bloggers Do at i am mommy
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yay! i figured out how to comment via typepad!
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i love everything in this post. everything. need i say more? seriously, you do have the sweetest blog. in every way that sweetness comes. you got it.
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