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LA - heaven on eatrh
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Knallhart is incorrectly translated to Brutal. Brutal is brutal in both languages (English and German) Knallhart could be translated as tough, stonehard, hardened. While brutal has mostly negative notions attached to the word, knallhart is more neutral in character. By choosing the way you even translate a minor part of your article in such a hate inciting manner, your entire article looses its objectivity and credibility. Winter very eloquently expresses facts. It is sad that common sense does not seem to prevail in most of media including your article. Thank God, the normal citizen still has common sense, not to be mistaken with racism. Common sense is not racism. This unrational demagogic leftwing thinking your article unfortunately tries to perpetuate, I have faith, will not prevail with the regular folks who believe in hard work, standards of decency, respect for life, respect for the other.