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who in Rye govt is in charge of notifying people who may have come in contact with this person or has come in contact with their kids ? ...... others at risk need to be notified and after they get tested we can see who they were in touch with .......
I have no use for Steve Otis or Democrats in general given the direction of NY state finances under the mix of Cuomo and DeBlasio But the non-stop attacks on Otis for getting the deal done on behalf of Rye Country Day by Meg and Mayor Cohen are utter jokes . Have you noticed neither identifies what they believe would have been a better outcome ? At least they have the brains to avoid claiming Rye governnment would have bought the land given the town is so broke it can't even repair its roads and we all drive around with our cars smashing into deep potholes as if we are residents of Zimbabwe vs one of the highest taxed people on planet earth . The longer that piece of land remained unsold , the better the chances of some massive disaster sale to an apartment developer , a state run low income project or a shopping mall . Already Rye is dealing with a monster apartment development on its border with Port Chester ... can you imagine if the Thruway land got sold to yet another developer ? Lets be thankful the wealthy alumni and parents of RCDS are instead bailing us taxpayers out buying the land and be thankful for the usage they allow us on the property which is all additional space beyond what Rye has . Now maybe Mayor Cohen can stop talking about this red herring and get back to the task at hand of controlling Rye's spiraling costs problem by reducing head count / privatizing city run functions / etc
this is best news in Rye in last decade i promise you the parents screaming have never been to a Rye graduation it has always been 90+ degrees disaster . An utter sweatbox . Old people fainting and miserable people sweating like a 290 pound tackle in August pre-season practice thank you Patty Taylor for some sanity
for god's sake let it go , Joe . we all know you wanted to buy the space and convert it into the Rye Department of Sanitation headquarters and blow $50 million of taxpayer money in doing so and why you and the GOP folks all got thrown out of office 99% of rye taxpayers will be thrilled to see RCDS buy the land , convert to playing fields and whatever use Rye youth leagues get is a bonus AND IT WON'T COST US A DIME Rye is broke Joe . We can't fix our shattered roads without taking out massive new debt to pay for it . Our taxes are on the moon and why there is record numbers of unsold houses piling up . Stop pretending Rye was going to get involved in buying this land Get on with life , Joe . Let RCDS buy the land before we string out any further and somehow / someway the land gets sold to commercial users for something huge and ugly and inappropriate
The tunnel is dead because NY finances cannot even begin to consider such a boondoggle and with new tax laws screaming for Cuomo to reduce state spending , this project completely absurd to even consider
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Con Ed has gutted its repair force to reduced expenses . Its 100% reliant on hiring electrical workers from other states to do repair work after storms . They don't have control over these workers like they do their own work force thus impossible to provide timely repairs one day in not so distant future , we will have a major ice storm again in our area ( its been many years ) and afterwards , Con Ed won't get power back on for a month in middle of winter . 100% gaurantee its coming
wait Catherine Parker , a Rye resident is open minded to Cuomo's $50bln tunnel plan that would completely destroy Rye ? is she serious ? the state is broke , we are overwhelmed with state mandated pensions & benefits for our oversized unionized state employees , and we just got hit with loss of SALT deductions and now we talk about a boondoggle like this ? and you are so afraid of him you announce ' you are open minded ' this is precisely why NY is going broke and people with companies and wealth leaving
NY state finances are utterly bust The flight of companies and wealthy to lower tax states intensifies as the inward flow of poor and illegals looking to milk the state's overly generous welfare system is the replacement Trump's new tax plan openly reveals NY's out of control spending problem but rather than address this , Cuomo seeks to double down with massive pork barrel nonsense we could never possibly afford let alone need Get ready to follow CT and IL into bankruptcy
" The Starwood-designed project on the United Hospital site is now for sale " OF COURSE ITS FOR SALE ! Barry Sternlicht lives locally . You think he wants all his friends & family in the area screaming at him over the traffic armageddon this project will create ? His company ( STWD is symbol ) wants nothing to do with this ill conceived disaster . Would damage their brand The whole project was a Starwood scam from getgo . Get the idiot politicians in Port Chester to sign off on anything by telling them the traffic will be Rye's problem & then look to punt the thing to some 3rd tier developer But here is the problem : there is no bid for hundreds of 1BR luxury apartments in Port Chester ( which is what Sternlict sold them on so as to claim his project would not bring in families with children who need schools built for them ) Watch as Sternlicht squeeezes the mooks running Port Chester to allow project to build 2BR units instead . Once that gets done ? watch as this 'luxury condos' project morphs in 'afffordable housing' project instead as some dirt bag developer realizes nobody is going to pay for even 2br luxury units in Port Chester presto chango ...... Rye has a giant housing project on its border !! wake up Cohn & Roth and realize this could become an unmitigated disaster very soon for the entire Rye Country Day neighborhood if this luxury / high end condos & retail project becomes what i believe Sternlicht knew all along it would be : a housing project
OK Josh & new council members .... congrats and get to work the roads around the Grace Church circle are literally down to the dirt & winter has just started . I now hear comments regularly fromn friends in other towns around us how the 3rd world condition of our roads is a joke and how they would never buy a house in a town with such crap roads and wondering if Rye is in financial trouble to allow this to happen right in front of multi-million dollar homes . get to work . our roads are a disgrace and along with the new federal tax laws are going to kill Rye home values will which will see your tax base erode
Only in Rye can there be the need to jam taxes to the moon 3 x the national inflation rate as same time we will lose our SALT deduction No you fools . Its time to realize the game of running highest taxes in USA is up . Its time for Rye's new mayor to take a stand and come up with ways to live within our means even if that means a Democrat mayor calling out a Democrat governor who has imposed unrealistic funding obligations on NY cities If Rye & New York as a whole cannot get its out of control spending under control , you will see the continued flight of people with wealth ( as well as companies ) til the state goes bankrupt like Illinois and Connecticut are on the path to
wow.... look at that modern looking mansion where the apartments are today . Wonder which robber baron owned that rig ?
6+% property tax increase as houses pile up unsold in Rye . All you folks in $3-10mm houses never gonna escape now Glad i caught 15 good years in Rye but they are doing their best to turn us into Larchmont as fast as possible . Call the moving company !
overbuilding in Rye ( especially of multifamily rentals ) is a disaster . The schools are packed & our student test scores in freefall and the multifamily rentals generate little additional school tax revenues . but the need for the out-of-control tax hikes is NOT due to builders ! Its due to completely insane pension & healthcare costs of its unionized workforce as mandated by state . This is why everybody with a brain and some wealth is fleeing NY .
" We live by the rule of law the last I checked " Obama and all his followers laugh openly at people who think laws still matter .
How big a tax hike will you 2 be advocating for ?
Oh fabulous ! 12 more rental units in Rye . Should be good for another 20-25 kids jammed into our overcrowded schools and cuts on all the sports teams can grow even larger since no more room to support the population . Great job Rye leadership .
Perhaps somebody who actually plans to still be in Rye in 5yrs might stand up at this town meeting and see if our elected leaders are even remotely aware of the massive condo / retail stores complex getting pushed for the old United Hospital site ? Picture a few thousand more cars trying to jam into the wildly overcrowded Route 1 area near the entrance into Kohl's / Whole Foods ? Its physically impossible which means only one thing : those thousands of cars will instead head down Hill Street and end up driving through Evergreen , Grandview , Ridge Street and turn the area into a war zone of cars . Just imagine this every day Rye Country Day is open and their hundreds of drop off cars also pack into those streets . Good times coming in Rye . Lets keep focus on banning plastic bags or keeping Playland a money losing falling apart disaster as well as figure out new ways to get around property tax caps to jack our insane taxes even higher to pay for the hundreds of new kids cramming into all those rental buildings that have gone up everywhere in Rye . Stick a fork in it , this town is done and it was your leaders you voted for who oversaw it
Good god . Slow down to 25mph on the major roads through Rye ? It already takes 20 minutes from one side of Rye to other and now it can take longer ? Its NOT the speed limits , you numbnuts . Its the massive number of Suburbans , Yukon XLs , and Escalades lumbering through these neighborhoods in long lines to reach schools , clubs , etc and Rye politicians have only themselves to blame for our wildly overcrowded crumbling 3rd world style driving conditions by approving every McMansion and multi-family apartment builders can shoehorn into here . It also explains why the schools are exploding at the seams and taxes need to be jacked higher & higher . Yeah , slowing it down to 25mph will fix things .
SPI is finished . These people are busy local Rye people who have been knifed in back by Sack . While the residents around Playland can do a victory strut for a short while , wait til you see what replaces bankrupt Playland who WILL bring in huge legal team and bury Rye. Anybody recall that brilliant move by Otis to sue Home Depot to prevent the store on Midland that 3/4 of Rye shops in each weekend now ? Cost taxpayers millions and store came anyway . I hope Live Nation steps into the void and moves forward to build a big open concert hall for weekly rap concerts . They will have a team of lawyers drain Rye taxpayers for millions opposing it ( and be called racists in process ) " The Devil You Know Is ALWAYS Better Than the Devil You Don't Know "
" but Rye hasn't expanded much in 10 years " <<<--- where in heck do you live to say this ? Take a drive along Midland or Wappanoca or Cottage Street and look at dozens of new multi-family homes thrown up in last 5yrs after McMansion boom came to a halt . Keep in mind Jovanovich wanted to turn Lesters into a 5 story apartment building complete with even more low-income housing to bookend the Cottage Street apartments . There are plans underway for many more multifamily units in Rye to include a huge one near Rye Country Day and rumors of a monster one on Cedar Street . Same builder has put up most of these multi-family units . He's smart , he rents these places at top dollar telling families its their ticket to Rye schools without paying the obscene taxes the dopey homeowners don't seem to mind paying . Since these cheaply built multi-families barely pay much in way of taxes , homeowners in Rye are virtually guaranteed a MONSTER tax hike from the school system who will claim the jump in students leaves them no choice . Meanwhile the overtaxed community can no longer handle the new crowds . Rye Youth Lacrosse can no longer offer a slot to each kid in town as had always been case in past . The Middle School is slicing back on sports teams to REDUCE team sports even as school populations hit new records . The roads around the schools in the morning and afternoon around dropoff/pickup time have become a nightmarish joke . And your already HIGHEST IN THE UNITED STATES LOCAL TAXES will explode next year even as you get less services from the schools / communities for your record high taxes . Thank you Doug French and Peter Jovanovich for your masterful job of jamming another 100+ families into new rental units to further clog Rye's 3rd world roads with another 100-200 big SUV's lumbering around . But I really don't feel sorry much for Rye residents . You all scurry about in your type-A hurry completely ignoring what the braindead leaders in town are doing and then express shock & horror when your tax bills soar as you get even worse service / crappier schools for your kids . Rye is doing its best to become like the south shore of Long Island . Formerly beautiful towns destroyed as they jammed more and more houses and apartment buildings into small borders requiring massive tax hikes to pay unionized town workers and teachers eventually chasing away the high earners as they realize the towns have been destroyed . Yes Rye , you are in a hurry to become the next Hempstead LI , the next New Rochelle , etc . The capper is that Jovanovich wants to become mayor so he can complete his vision for Rye . To jam many more apartment buildings into Rye to bring in more and more families looking for cheap ways to get their kids into the great Rye school system . He will tell you his vision will create a town where people won't use cars and will walk to town and train stations . Reality is you see a pair of SUV's parked in front of each multi-family apartment thus where a small 3BR cottage once stood with 2 cars now has a 3 unit multi-family with 6 SUV parked around it . Mission Accomplished
Jovanovich too terrified his failed plan to convert Lester's building into a 5 story affordable housing nightmare in center of Rye ( in a known flood zone for added insanity ) would be brought up and its much too embarrassing to try to explain in public . He relies on that old political assumption that voters are far too stupid to recall anything so better to avoid all debate and just hope the the unwashed Rye masses randomly vote for anybody if they even bother to show up .
How can school district be shocked ? The massive number of multi-family units thrown up in Rye in last 18 months was all but waving the flag to people who couldn't afford to buy in Rye ( or simply didn't want to buy ) would rush here to rent to get their kids into the great Rye system FOR FREE . And this massive influx of renters will produce but a fraction of the tax revenue needed to maintain Rye School standards . Great job Rye planners / politicians ! And for the few fools left in Rye who bought a big house and pay highest property taxes in USA ? Brace yourself for the MASSIVE school tax hike coming to pay for all the renter's kids . Oh , and your added bonus Rye citizens is an extra 75-100 big SUV on the roads for the morning/afternoon pickups . Enjoy!