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So happy Rolfe is back in Fire red. It's a delight watching him work on the pitch, especially in tandem with Mackie
More commenting on last year's All-Home game Open Cup run. Good on you for filling the seats and high bidding, just glad this year's tourney is more equitable I yawn at your rebuttal of 1 meaningful road game.
Let's go Silverbacks! (Purely for forcing Seattle to play away from home)
Same with Grazzini. Chicago is dominating play (as they should be).
Oh I'm not frustrated they have no All-Stars or "All-Snubs". I'm frustrated with how much they suck. Quick with the snark-trigger are we?
No Chicago Fire players even on the All-Snub squad. WE CAN BUILD ON THIS!!! #beyondfrustrated
Still half convinced that the 2022 World Cup will be played in the States.
If I could take your comment out on a date, treat it right, and then make love to it- I would. SPOT ON.
Robbie Findley is a Tricky Tree. Good for him.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on Nottingham Forest signs Findley at Soccer By Ives
He can play on the newly formed Swiss team- American Wanderers Davies----Findley Feilhaber---Adu---Peterlin---Vidal Castillo---Onyewu---Agbossoumonde---Simek Cervi
Makes me proud that you too are a Fire fan. +1
Man, what's it gonna take to get some females up in here! Abby Wambach features? Shirtless Jesus Navas?
Matt- M- 25- Chicago- USMNT- Chicago Fire- AS Roma- Reader since early 2009
some sort of soccer Predator has his sights on him.
Logan Pause. Congrats!
Fear the coat.
You mean the 3rd leading goal scorer in la liga Rossi? That'd be a good move by the Yellow Sub. Rossi is playing like a beast!
I havent' seen many people mention the loss of Rolfe from last year. There is encouragement for the future, as flashes have been shown from Nyarko and Pappa. The enigmas remain Castillo and Collins John. Also, underrated play from Logan Pause. Too often their 4-1-4-1 becomes more of a 6-3-1, unable to counterattack and impose their style (whatever the hell that is) on the opponent. Sean Johnson has the makings of a top MLS GK. A quick turnaround next year can be had if the team has a system in place that it believes in, with a competent coach who doesn't make HORRIBLE substitutions.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on Chicago's coaching flop at Soccer By Ives
I think the question on everyone's mind is this: Was wearing sweatpants written into the contract?
Original gangster CJ Brown is on his last legs. Chicago's back line would be sick with him on it.
Who likes to rock the party? Jermaine Jones: I Like to rock the party!
Give 'em hell, MLS.
Oh especially with this last class- Opara, Sean Johnson, Ream... all making immediate impacts. (unlike Gil or McInerney) I do think that using both works the best. One should not replace the other. But with the Academy system in place, it's nice for those clubs to be able to promote and keep their own. The Fire for YEARS saw players from their PDL team go to other MLS clubs.
I think what works in baseball isn't entirely true for soccer. The college game for soccer is quite different- thus not necessarily the best preparation for the rigors of professional sports. Look across the pond or south of our border and this is how it is done. Develop technique, touch, and (hopefully) loyalty at a young age, and keep your stable of players (on the cheap) fresh. Or you can just be Man City and buy everything.
I think Gonzalez, Ream, new prospects of that ilk are more likely for January call-ins. This is a good mix of our "A squad" and bringing in some newish blood. Excited to see Ale Bedoya on the pitch, as well as Jones.