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Ann Meisser
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Dearest Alicia, Don't despair! I understand completely. I've always been more comfortable with 3D like projects, working in fabric, clay, paper mache, crocheting, etc. When it came to 2D applications like drawing and painting; watercolor, acrylic or oils and trying to make things look real, I always struggled a bit. Then I took some drawing and painting classes from Mission-Renaissance Art Schools and I improved dramatically. The classes weren't cheap but worth it. There isn't a studio up there where you are but you could purchase some of the DVD's they have for sale and work at your own pace. It is a gradient approach to learning and you will build confidence for sure. There are certain techniques (technology)to making things look 3D and real on paper or canvas, it's not a mystery! Check it out at My daughter started taking lessons at 8yrs through Jr.High and her drawings and paintings were amazing. I wish I had some pictures to show you. Remember, practice makes perfect? Hmm, persistance, too. Chin up!