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In a program I recently saw on PBS called "The Botany of Desire based on the book by Michael Pollan they discuss the way plants have used a strategy of adapting traits that humans desire to survive. It looks at how plants have used the human desire for sweet taste, beauty, chemical highs and others to entice humans into helping them thrive and to be propagted to new areas. It compares human activity to a bee that thinks it is getting the best of a relationship from a flower when it gets the nectar. In reality the flower produces the nectar to allow for the plant to pollinate and survive. The papaya story is another example that demonstrates how humans are just one more factor in evolution and not outside of it. Thinking of myself as participant in evolution and not an outside uninvolved observer certainly makes me wonder about the world we are helping to create for God. We are not just occasionally stepping in to pass some law to influence the survival of a species but making choices from the food we select at the grocery, the flowers we put in our yards and the way we chose to celebrate that will determine what the plant and animal world our children inherit will look like.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2009 on Intersexing the papaya plants at Entangled States
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