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I got mine on the 23rd November, the day after Window7 was released. I sent it back yesterday - I just couldnt get on with it. I tried to understand why people would make a switch to an Apple product - I needed a new mp3 player, and thought, as the ads said, if I'm gonna upgrade, why not switch to an Apple, but just was ultimately unimpressed with it, or more to the point, frustrated with it. The bluetooth does actually bluetooth files. The calendars didnt actually sync with google the mail kept dropping my password i couldnt drag and drop i could only run one app at a time (apart from the music player) I had to recharge it once or twice a day. Ultimately, I found that it didn't "just work". But thats just my experience... welcome to the future indeed!
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2009 on blogging from iPod touch at TallSkinnyKiwi