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Santiago, Chile
Account Technology Consultant
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Craig, the ppt link is ok now :) Thanks Chad, really useful to explain that to my customer but in Spanish.
Awesome post Barry,two weeks ago I had my first EBC and I see you walking in front of my room, I didn't have the opportunity to see you in a presentation but I am looking forward ..... This post really help me in my job has Technology Consultant, thanks again to share that.
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Thanks Barry, a friend of mine is doing what you call test-to-break it is awesome! Many brilliant EMC engineers trying to break the Enginuity code, disabling the preventive test, I do not know if other companies are doing that at the level that EMC does, but I am sure this is one of the important things that makes EMC a trusted company.
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WAuuu, nobody want to laugh here? to me it is so funny and is a good training trying to figure out the correct answer, Clustered architecture sound like Lefthand, EqualLogic and Netapp (in my opinion).....At no extra cost sound as Lefthand, EqualLogic and IBM .....automatic failover and failback EMC. :) I am Technical Consultant and want to play the game don't you? my be the answer is EMC who knows ! rianse un poco :)
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Fun with Vendor FUD – Episode #1 at Virtual Geek
Thank a lot for this complete review, here there is a lot of useful information I need in may day to day customer meetings, I love your approach when you talk about Netapp and the value that means to have a good competency, I am proud to be part of the EMC family.