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Well that's one way to look at it. I completely disagree, but that is one way to look at it. Total matches in an Open Cup run is what, 5? Total matches to win MLS Cup is what, 5? Winner of the Broken Shiied is what, 34 games? Seems like winning the Open Cup makes the MOST sense, because you play the fewest number of matches to accomplish the goal.
If you're going to hate on the Open Cup you could at least come up with something that makes sense. Trying to win the Broken Shield is much more tiring than playing one cup final. Top two in your division doesn't qualify you for CCL. If you don't like it, ignore it.
This is downright shameful. At minimum, viewing rights should be available for free in the Seattle and KC markets.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2012 on GolTV to air U.S. Open Cup Final at Soccer By Ives
Le Toux Legit 2 Quit. Great ball, wish he was still a Sounder.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Thierry Henry at Soccer By Ives
Five former Sounders on their squad. Looking forward to watching them.
Mr. High and Mighty LiquidYogi, You are spitting liquid crap, aka diarrhea out your mouth. Your definition of a nightmare goes way too far. You can "give it a whack" until your palms are bleeding, but you are way off base. If "everyone and their mother" is complaining about the refs, maybe that's because there is something wrong. The ref called an inconsistent game with far too many ticky tack fouls (35 in the 80th minute) and didn't assert his authority when hard challenges were made. Your excuse that "he's new" is irrelevant. He had a poor game, that's it. The last part you wrote makes no sense at all. What nice things are you referring to? I don't plan on leaving the good ole' USA just yet, even if it means being subjected to ridiculous opinions such as yours.
I don't know how people survive in 100 degree weather. Sounders looked good until the last twenty minutes, and suddenly we couldn't make the most simple of touches. Thankfully the playoffs are in the fall/winter. Inevitably people will be complaining here about the officiating, as they should. Another nightmare game from the refs. The second yellow on Dallas was not deserved, but the guy should have been sent off earlier for late challenges.
I feel bad for you. Second time and you still didn't get it. African DP gets headlines and articles days in advance on MLS site and here. PERIOD. Keane signs with LA, NO HEADLINES HERE OR MLS WEBSITE. At no point did I mention Keane going to Vancouver, rumor or not. I was taking one example of how MLS reports (African DP) and comparing it to today's events (Keane signing in LA). Usually I don't type with big letters but I guess that's the only way you'll understand.
Read what I just wrote again, or don't. Regardless, you completely missed the point.
It's funny that you are so passionate about defending the honor of the MLS. The league has a track record of odd behavior, this is just another example. Whenever anything of moderate interest is about to happen the MLS website puts up teaser articles so people constantly check in. Remember when Vancouver was going to sign a DP who was captain of his national team? That was a month ago. With Keane, nothing. Not a blip anywhere except FSC. Hell, Ives didn't even have a post about it! It's odd. I don't care if you disagree.
This is not Nam Brian, there are rules. I'd like to know if everything is above board.
Brian, why are you yelling? Don't get upset, everything is going to be alright.
The league owns the contracts, every signing is a league announcement. Keane was a rumor for days, but certain pieces needed to fall in to place to pull it off. It was never mentioned that Angel would end up at Chivas. I want definitive answers to the following questions. 1. Did they sign Keane before midnight? 2. Did they dump Angel before midnight? 3. Did LA have 4DP's at any given time? 4. What happened to Philly?
MLS is based in NY, not LA. I'd expect an announcement of that magnitude by 9am ET at the latest. Of course the Galaxy owner is going to say that, it's his team that benefits from bending the rules.
Wasn't announced until after 10am ET. FISHY.
So Keane signs for Galaxy today, but the transfer window closed yesterday? L.A. getting the treatment again?
You sure about that? They showed his 'credentials' before kick off. Thought it said Mexico
A Mexican commentator? What a Freaking joke. It was cute for the pre-game, but listening to this guy talk about how Mexico is better than us is pathetic.
No love for the First Nations?
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on Montreal Impact unveil new logo at Soccer By Ives
Keep on smokin, Dank. It's doing wonders for your understanding of the game.
"You Sounders fans are seriously reaching. Why? I don't get it. The surface was poor. Someone got hurt." You make the statement that the field was poor. In doing so you imply that it could be the cause of casey's injury. You are no better than the Seattle fans who say the opposite. Casey did not slip, trip, fall, or step in a hole. "There is absolutely no evidence that the quality of the surface did not contribute" Their is also absolutely no evidence that the quality of the surface DID contribute. You are obsessed with logic but somehow this concept continues to escape you.
Your argument is a disguise, what you're really trying to do is complain about the surface of the field. People have been bitching about our turf for two years solid, we get grass and it still doesn't stop. Are you a doctor? Is it completely illogical to assume that an achilles can be damaged prior to being torn? Or are all achilles perfectly healthy until that one blade of grass bends their foot the wrong way? Since we're being logical, shouldn't we blame the Earth's iron core for providing gravity? How about the sun for heating the Earth so that we all can live? The guy didn't step in a hole. He didn't slip. He didn't trip. He planted on terra firma, left the ground, and he hurt himself. When people say the surface made no difference, they are comparing grass to turf to dirt, not a feather pillow. The fact that you even mention the field means you have an agenda. "It can't tell you anything about the physics of what happened. Just because it looks fine to you doesn't mean it was. " The opposite can be said as well Spock. There is absolutely no evidence that the field was or wasn't a factor. That's why your platform makes no sense. Normally I wouldn't waste my time on BS like this, but you call out people from Seattle so that's why I'm weighing in.