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This is a great posting! Sounds like you really got a good reading. :)
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2010 on True Love is the Reward at California Psychics®
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I was curious to know who came up with the definition of dreams or the "symbology of dreams"? I have very vivid ones and always look online to see what they were about. :) I do notice some differences between dictionaries or multiple definitions for one symbol so I always found it a little difficult. Perhaps it just needs more of an overall reading to put the pieces together properly.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Dissecting a Dream at California Psychics®
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This is sooooo cute!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on A Psychic Cat Whisperer at California Psychics®
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Hey Thanks everyone for your comments! I think Miss Krystal hit it on the head. Sometimes you break up in order to shift your energy and work towards a new goal together. Break ups can be a very renewing situation. I think that's what it is in my case and perhaps why people see it ending up with both outcomes. It's really my choice now. I did get the sense that your emotions and energy for that day can play into the readings. I thought all of your responses were very interesting. It sounds like guides have a knack for getting to the root of the issue no matter the emotional state.
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He did give the names and therefore Emmie has told the authorities and those she feels should know.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on MJ's Last Words at California Psychics®
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Hi Everyone, I wanted to answer a few of you. Emmie is talking with the family and she is alerting authorities/family members of any important information she receives. From the conversation I had with Emmie it seemed that Michael was quite aware of his errors and in fact, more open and honest about them than ever before. There are a lot of details (far from "sweet") that he gave Emmie about the world and his situation but we can't implicate certain parties here on this blog. What Michael cares about today is his overall message and I believe he's warning us of something to come where we will have to pick a "true" peace over a false one. There are a lot of celebrities and important people passing over right now- for much of the same reason as Michael.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on MJ's Last Words at California Psychics®
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Hi Gina, I liked reading this blog because I really didnt know all of those details. What I was curious about was if the Irish immigrants only dressed up on Halloween or was that something they did quite often? Thanks Carrie
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Hi Abigail, thanks for the response. I have heard of "Samuel" before so it made sense to me. The man has been around longer than the female so I think you are right on the spirit thing as well. Wow... I do feel he has a sense of humor too.
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2009 on Angels in My Bedroom at California Psychics®
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