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Because in this country we don't have those European traditions. Because in this country people have not had to prove who they are to authority Because in this country we used to take liberty seriously. Because ID cards they are open to abuse, fraud and corruption. Because they will cost billions and will not make us safer in any way. Because they will increase the power of state and diminish the power of the individual. Because they will not help control illegal immigration. etc, etc, etc
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2009 on Meg Hillier: spot the difference... at CentreRight
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Peter, If it was a shot it was about as cheap as a Cartier watch. Seriously, if we have been influenced by a politician who becomes a busted flush, then it stands to reason that we should/will be less influenced by him. I think the strategy of using Blair as a political guide ran its course a couple of years ago - people wanted something different. This reinforce that. And please, your outrage at claiming this is some kind of personal attack on Cameron is about as on target as Johnny Wilkinson's kicking was last weekend (ie not). Thanks Bob
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2009 on What The Iraq Inquiry Will Tell Us at CentreRight
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