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So, you were in Holland, Bill! Looks like you had a good time. Next time you're around, please let me know so we can catch up!
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2014 on The Bicycles of Amsterdam at Portals and KM
Sad to hear that, Bill. Enjoyed following, reading and commenting on the blogposts! But, as you say, we'll see each other elsewhere, starting here.
Bill, thanks a lot for all the blogposts about #ls11. Really enjoyed reading them and getting a taste of the conference!
How could they've forgotten me...? ;-) Thanks for the mention, Bill!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on Top 50 Knowledge Management Blogs at Portals and KM
Thanks a lot for all your posts on KMWorld 2010. I just read through them and enjoyed reading them.
Hi Steve, I should have left my name. I'm Samuel Driessen. Thanks for the clarification! And the follow-up post.
Great post, Steve. I enjoy reading your posts. You stress the importance of employee engagement, employee self-organization, etc. I was wondering: do you know of companies that are organized based on the passions of their employees? Of course most start-ups are. But I was thinking: what would happen if large companies would allow their employees to work on what they are passionate about. They could bail-out of their current projects, set up new ones, etc. What would happen? And will this work or will the un-interesting work (whatever that may be) be left undone?
Great, the links didn't show up. Here nr 1 and 2
Nice post, Bill. Still have to get my hands on that Forrester report... I think the movement of e2.0 towards business processes is logical. One of the reasons e2.0 (and social media in general) is such a success has to do with business processes being too rigid and the tools that support them being hated by its users. Another reason is that social media helped us see that information is social. We already knew that (refer to the book 'The social life of information' for instance), but tools didn't account for it. IT helped us think information without (social) context is useful. We're learning that it's not or at least not complete. As you know I've been writing and thinking about this topic. For you and your readers I'll point to one post here. I've also been collecting posts on this topic here, written by much smarter people than myself. ;-)
Congrats with your report, Jane! I hope you're enjoying some rest now. Thanks for the lengthy report with lots of great insights. I'm reading it now and will blog about it in the near future hopefully.
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Nice Jane. Yes, we have experiences with microblogging, but I'm sure you already know.
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