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Here's my $400 recommendation: 1. Nikon FM2N: $150 if you know where you're looking 2. 50mm F/1.8 AI-S lens: $60 - again, look around 3. Vivitar 283: $15 5. 10 rolls of Kodak Gold 400: $30 6. Batteries: $10 7. 52mm UV filter: $15 8. Lens Pen for cleaning: $10 Total cost: $290 Which leaves you $20 to cover shipping charges; $50 for film, scan, and print processing; and $35 for soda, popcorn, and tickets to take your significant other to the movies for 2 excruciating hours of "Sex and the City 2." Also, you got $5 to spare. If you drop this camera, no worries - the thing is better built than anything on the market today. Since you got a flash and a fast lens, you won't have to throw away $50 on a plastic tripod you'll never use anyway, and also you'll be getting better tonality and dynamic range because it's "full frame."
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on Letter to George at The Online Photographer