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Clarence's human friend says: Fantastic job on Carnival of the Cats! I'm having a blast reading about all those fascinating kitties out there. I didn't expect Clarence's Diary of a Bad Cat to be included, but I'm tickled pink. (blush) Many thanks for the warm welcome. I'm obviously new to blogging (and CatBlogging!), but not to cats. I'll work on getting the Carnival of Cats and other cat blogs on Clarence's blog (He disdains the boring technical aspects and leaves those to his human minion.). If anyone has any suggestions or corrections, please let me know. Thank you again! Clarence Himself says: Hey, Nikita! You're cool. You can come over to my carport anytime (Just no paw prints on my Catillac, please.). We could grill up some Chipmunk ćevapčići and have a high old time. Thanks for mentioning me. I've added you to my blog roll. Now I'm going to break out the good stuff (catnip) and celebrate!
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