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i've heard good things about inov8 shoes.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2010 on Tuesday at Never Quit
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Franiel - great job getting back into it - you're taking the WODs head-on - way to go. Herm: I've been looking at the new site - I'm excited, way to go. I'll be praying about the SDPD job. Don't worry about the diet too much - you'll get back 'cause you'll drive yourself crazy and Patty won't let you stay in that funk for long bryar - great to hear from you man - I hope all is well over there. J9 - that's an awesome time for burpee-pullups, especially as WOD #2 for the day
Today's mainsite WOD (clean and jerks and GHDs) 13'11" with 95# Last post was for GI Jane
Mainsite WOD - 13'37". I think the bar was about 6" above my head. All good reps with a few extra I think ( I thought I missed some so I did a couple extra). THE MOST GASSED i've ever been from a workout. I tried to stand afterwards and couldn't - had to go lay down. Nice strength work Pokey and Gene. Nice job on the WOD Franiel. Great to hear from you Corey - I've been watching your beyondthewhiteboard progress. God Bless
hahahah - sorry Pokey - yes, snow shoveling counts as active recovery, no wait, that's a freakin WOD!
Herm. Congrats man. I'll pray for the polygraph. Just relax as much as you can and tell the truth.
NICE Work Pokey. I'm here - I did 21 back squats at 135/500meter row/15 squat cleans at 95/500meter row/9 push jerks at 95/500meter row - time was 14'10" It sucked, even though I used light weights. Benny - awesome strength numbers Paul, Atodd, J9 - what up friends. Everyone else - hello to you too. God Bless
X-tina - thanks - great to hear from you. I prayed you'd have wisdom and that you'd get out of the funk.(p.s. -don't tell, but i had a major cheat day yesterday too :) Pokey - nice job man - your strength continues to improve - way to rock it. Franiel - you did great! nice work man. FGB is a suck-fest every time. Today at Crossfit Obsession I did the mainsite WOD - 225-235-235-245-245 then 21-15-9 of 400 meter run / 55# OHS / 24" box jump - 11'42" God Bless:
Gene and benny1 - great numbers guys - ya'll are getting really strong! So I'm doing some serious chilling today - only thing I did was wash my car and cut my hair(15 minutes with the buzzer - yea for bald guys) besides going to church. I'll be posting for the next two weeks, then after that I won't be around much folks. I'll try to check in and post a note once in awhile, but my academy training is going to be pretty demanding. I'll be here though and I'll be back - maybe I'll get a chance on Sundays or something to post, I don't know, we'll just have to play it by ear. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. God Bless
Oh snap - Herm - very excited about the new website - you're doing so great with everything - I'm praying for you and Patty
Pokey - I appreciate the well-wishes. Huge congrats on your PR - that's a LOT of weight. Lot to post, hmmm - training - 6th day in a row today - should have rested. Did 4 x 200 meter sprints with 60 sec. rest between - my times successively got faster and my last one was 34". Workout was supposed to be AMRAP 12 minutes of 3 HSPU, 6 Box Jumps (24" guys/20" gals), 9 GHD situps. But since I can't do HSPU, they were having us use a full ROM but the instructors were pulling our legs to help us back up. I didn't really care for this style modification, but whatever - I tried to just move fast on the other parts - I didn't track the number of rounds. Nutrition - great except for still no breakfast, too much water, and still late-night chocolate binges. Other than that I'm eating lots of oranges, apples, bananas, some avacado, spinach, carrots, eggs, chicken, lean pork, raisins, almonds, walnuts, larabars - not measuring, just eating. Polygraphs - pretty much the same in Virginia as what Pokey described - the first one I got nervous when they asked about "anything else that I feel might disqualify me" or something like that, so the examiner asked me about it again after and I explained to him about my concern with my back (I had already revealed this). Other than that, both times they went over the questions twice before, and then asked them twice in the polygraph. I found it hard both times to breathe how they wanted me to, and to sit straight, looking forward with no movement. They basically want normal breathing like you do when you're not thinking about it which is very hard to do when you're thinking about breathing right :) But basically the asked about drug use, murder, rape, beastiality ( I had to ask too), theft, stealing time, etc. Also a few "normal" questions (what is your name, are you lying about anthing on this test, etc.) FRAT - I hope everyone is doing well. I'm good, very tired, but good, just taking stuff slowly and trying to work through some things in preparation for moving and the academy. There's a few members and trainers, guys and gals, at Crossfit Obsession, who are training for the games. Based on their performance and intensity, I expect at least a couple of them to make it past regionals to the games. God Bless stephen
Wow, thanks Kathleen, I really appreciate that. Herm: CONGRATS - I pray that you will get the position. Kathleen - Huge congrats to Tim - that's freaking awesome - I'm sure it had nothing to do with an amazing mother (haha- of course it did!) Today at Crossfit Obsession I sucked - it was my 5th day in a row and it was a chipper that hit a lot of my weaknesses. Oh well, I've been doing pretty well overall, so that's good. The lead trainer today, Brendan Gilliam, said I'm getting bigger. (in a good way, he also said I'm really lean). I don't know if I really am getting bigger, but I'm constantly sore now, so I guess I'm building muscle. Soooo, a lot of you already know from FB, but my medical cleared and I will be starting the Hampton Fire Training Academy on February 1st. Thanks for all your prayers, encouragement, and well-wishes. I'll be taking the next 2 weeks to prepare for moving and to get stuff squared away so I'm ready to start the class. Pokey - huge congrats to you wife on the Paleo switch. One of my buddies just switched and he loves it. Maybe your screw-up with the cinnamon bun will show her it's OK to cheat once you're committed, it's a lifestyle, NOT a diet. More later, or maybe tomorrow - I need to celebrate tonight ( I don't drink, but I can have a freakin good time! God Bless, Stephen
I don't know anything about Jimmy Buffet, but I like the poster - congrats on all the top level design work brother!
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on Thursday 1/14 at Never Quit
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Oops, sorry, that was Stephen that just posted.
Wow, just those two - L.J. and Sloan, are freakin awesome!. I haven't been here very long, but long enough to be sore pretty much every day - I guess I'm doing something. Basically what I've accomplished is relearning a lot of basic fundamental movements that I taught myself wrong - this is great - plus I've joined up with the best group of Crossfitters and trainers in Hampton Roads!
snap, I'm overwhelmed. Okay - Kathleen - nice job on the long calorie-burning workouts -that takes a lot of gut, determination, and heart. Also, I applaud you for going back to the gym and allowing the girl to give you the orientation AND for feeling sorry for her - that is a very inspiring attitude. I still think she needs at least a good talking-to by management, but I applaud YOU. On the FD - should know for sure tomorrow - looks good right now. J9 - that's a legit time, expecially with the plate overhead! Herm: you're a freakin monster - that's a legit row with TWO legs, I can't imagine with one. My best time on the 500 so far is 1:42. Pokey, thanks for the prayers brother. Gene: - you are very strong - 'nough said. Cookie- sweet about your client/family member. Goat, good to have you back (when I can I follow pokey and PB's blogs so I read your comments - nice work on the strength and conditioning PR's man.) X-tina - how's life? God Bless everyone Stephen
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on January 12th, 2010 at The FRAT Paleo Challenge
X-tina: Here's what I do daily - first off, I know this is not healthy, yet I'm pretty consistent with this behaviour: Start off the day with 3 quarts of water which fills my stomach, then drink my coffee(a good think as it keeps me regular:) Then I'm not hungry so I don't eat until about 11 or 11:30. I eat minimally during the day, struggle with energy in my 17:30 workout, then have an enormous supper AFTER all my chores are done which is usually 21:00. I'm so hungry from the day, I eat until I fall asleep. - I wake up bloated the next day feeling fat and lazy, and start the cycle again. If I cheat, which I do reguarly and more than I want, I feel guilty and try to limit my food the next day but fail by the end of the day and stuff myself again, even if it's Paleo. Now I will say I'm doing better about eating more meat and less dried fruit, but my meal timing and my intake is still pretty messed up. I don't feel good most of the time, obsessing about food and my workouts. Obviously I'm able to stay healthy for the most part, I'm not anorexic anymore Praise the Lord, but I definitely have disordered eating that I know is not good and I don't even like. So there, you're not alone. Oh, and I have trouble really resting. I'm finally forcing myself to take a rest day today after 6 days on preceded by 7 days on and 1 day off. Hope Goat can give us some advice. It's good to have a place to share. God Bless, Stephen
Very well said Goat - this helps me too as I still struggle with the anorexic mentality. Thanks
Well, big things happening in Chula Vista huh? I copied the address off the picture of the Delta 5 Fitness business license Herm posted on Facebook and put it in Google Maps. Ya'll are so close to the beach - AWESOME. Nice work on the WODS everyone. Welcome back Franiel - nice work gettin back into it. I did a 2 hour gymnastics class with Brady Osborne at Crossfit Obsession today. Took two garage Crossfit buddies and we had a great time. One of my buddies got his first muscle-up. Me and the other guy are not there yet. Had a blast dancing at one girl's 25th birthday party last night. Going indoor ice-skating tonight with the church young adults. Well, taking a major rest day tomorrow after 5 days in a row and then today. Hope everyone has a great relaxing Sunday. I have my physical for Hampton Fire on Tuesday. If I can pass, I'll get the gig - if not, then I won't - simple as that. I talked to the nurse practitioner and she said it's worth a try, it wasn't on the list of automatic disqualifiers, but will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. God Bless Stephen
Nice work on the WOd X-Tina.
So, I don't have much time again. But congrats Herm! Thanks so much for all you do. Great work yesterday on the WOD guys - Gene, Benny, Pokey, others. I did WOD at Crossfit Obsession: 3 rounds for time of: 750 meter row/30 KB swings ( I used 45# DB)/30 KTE. My time was 22'06" (I was first finished tonight after being last finished last night on the .com wallball WOD). Doing a gymnastics skill class on Saturday and taking two guys from church who are garage Crossfitters. Nutrition is getting better, with slip-ups here and there - protein is remaining solidly high (intake much better than previously) - fat intake is high - almost all from nuts, eggs, and almond butter. Still eating a little too many raisins, but what the heck. Love all you guys and gals! God Bless. Stephen
Had a long post on yesterday's late - that's some tough programming Herm-you're the man
John, I've barely met you, but you impressed me from the first time we talked. Awesome slosh pipe by the way. Thanks for all you do at the gym and for the soundtracks. Wednesday's 1730 soundtrack was epic. Stephen
Nice work today everyone: I can't not post for two days in a row. I did mainsite today at Crossfit Obsession. That's way too many wallballs for one WOD. 39'36" as RX'd. I had a lot of encouragement at the end - the trainers and clients are awesome there. Pokey: Nice work on the metcon, and the strength. Benny1: puttin up some big numbers man. Pony: 3 PR's in a row is AMAZING. Paul: hope you get better soon man - nice job on the full Paleo. Herm: Sweet job on the recovery brother - thanks so much for this blog. Gene: Awesome numbers man - you're gonna kill the competition.Sounds like fun on the rings too. Atodd: good stuff with helping out your co-workers. Cookie: Nice job on the squats, yes I saw the facebook pic and I was impressed with the depth. X-tina: You are a very strong and fast woman - great job balancing the little man, school, job, wods, home-maker, everything. In fact, that goes to all you Crossfit ladies - props - give yourself a pat on the back from your friend Stephen. Well, if I missed someone, it's not 'cause I don't love you. God Bless: Stephen
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on January 6th, 2010 at The FRAT Paleo Challenge
Andy: you KILLED the workout. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It was awesome working out with you. Everyone else --great job and thanks for the encouragement at the end-that is what CFO is all about, and that is why I love you all. WOD: 39'36" as RX'd (all clean reps, extras if one didn't count) God Bless Stephen