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Sisi, branch manager... That cracks me up! So true....
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2014 on The back way at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Did you get home in time to watch the game? who won ?
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2014 on The back way at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Fun post about Dutch friends and mouth-watering goodies. Isn't it odd you showed a photo of the "Syrup Waffle", and just yesterday when Gene and I went to the local farmer's market here at Lakes Park in Fort Myers we sampled an authentic Stroopwaffel! There is a Dutch vendor who sells them and also makes fresh beignets - we chose the mini-size (tray of 8 for $5 -- 4 blueberry & 4 apple) which we watched him make and then ate them while they were still quite warm. Yum! Next Friday I will look for more goodies at his stand. I hope we get to meet Bart & Claire some day. xoxo
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2013 on Dutch Treats at Whose idea was this, anyway?
.... And the adventures continue. Love reading your highly descriptive posts. Great photos too.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2013 on Wiener Worst at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Green Acres with splashes of red tomato, peppers and tasseled sweet corn! Looking forward to enjoying a harvest with you in autumn 2014----so please keep it up! What was in the basket under the knife? Pieces of...?
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2013 on The Garden at Whose idea was this, anyway?
That's a LOT of snow! I hope you aren't describing ice dams which can be a huge problem causing leaks inside your house. Yikes!
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2013 on Snowbound at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Great photos of The Boyz and so happy Andy could visit you during the holidays. Btw, my mouth is watering for some of that fried chicken! Mmmmmmm......
Amazing! A retired American metropolitan-urban couple now enjoys (prefers, actually) cooking from scratch in their hermitage in central SK. Jo, during all my visits with you in Pasadena and NYC, I would never have guessed you'd be rolling out pie crust from scratch for your Thanksgiving Day dinner in the foothills of the Tatras. If it weren't for the photos above, I'm not sure I'd believe it! You guys are awesome! PS: love the swivel rocker recliner that looks comfy for you and Sisi as well. hugs and kisses
Wonderful - wunderbar! - such great memories we all share and enjoy over & over again when we see each other. Thank you for your incredibly well-written post, and I know that's your specialty (like my sister, Nancy)...pulling words together in just the right way to bring distant memories close to the heart once again. Tears abound. Loving you, Carol
Oh yeah, now I remember. I didn't want to risk having my eye pecked out!
I enjoyed this post about the SK festivals. It was fun to attend St Hubert's Festival in your village this past September. I should've paid the 5 euros to have the golden eagle perch on my leather gloved wrist....what was I thinking? ;-/
Thank you for the many photos on the progress! And Sisi in the mud puddle... yuck. It is fun to track the project via your blog! xoxo
We use regular auto windshield wash to keep the bathtub pipes from freezing at our house. You know, the blue stuff that squirts onto your windshield?
Love the heather in the window boxes! Great color survives when the gold and yellow fades.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on Hmla at Whose idea was this, anyway?
This is the best post yet! The photos and your daily retirement routine are fun to see and read about. Thanks once again for sharing. When Gene asked me what I wanted to do for retirement, I said "not raising large dogs and tending a garden" - but it's perfect for the two of you! Love you bunches (and thinking of you today, especially)....
CaSuLa added a favorite at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Apr 15, 2010
I believe Prague will be high on the list of places to visit when we take our extended trip to SK after we retire (think 2011).
Benny threw up on the way home with me too - one of his first trips in the car. Now, he's a perfect traveler in the car and knows he can't sit in my lap while I'm driving! Jo looks like she was teary in the photo by the Christmas tree - or maybe she was just tired... Cutest little (big) puppy I've seen in a long time. Congrats! You're one lucky dog, Sisi!!
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2009 on Dogquest at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Ancient architecture in the ruins and incredible views - who knew? One of the best "natural theme parks" in the world, i.e. Slovensko!
Gene will be THRILLED to see item 24 on your list. He didn't know how you would survive the cold winter with the noticeable "leaks" in your front door! Even so, he's still wondering how cold it will get - so we are looking forward to mid-winter posts too. Here in MN (similar latitude/longitude), we have barely a trace of snow on the ground, and the temps are just beginning to dip into the 20s. It was a lovely November for those of us who appreciate milder temps & dislike shoveling & driving in snow. Here is your very hefty PAT PAT PAT on the back(s). Good job!
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2009 on Ninety days later at Whose idea was this, anyway?
Wonderfully descriptive writing! Thanks once again for posting your adventures so I can read them on my laptop in the comfort of my home so far, far away from SK. Miss you both!
Wonder if the stream at the bottom of your hill turns into a river in the spring? Also wondering where you stood to take the first photo posted above. Gr Z would be particularly proud to see that neat & tidy kitchen! Happily noticed the photo I took of Jenny Lake hanging on your picture wall. Looking forward to more photos of the redo in the MN Room and the MBR and the new tile in BA..... and snow on the ground for Christmas? Getting the goodies ready for your "care package"!
Great photos and post! I love that you can visit these locations and still be home by dusk the same day!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on Nitra and Environs at Whose idea was this, anyway?
I just finished reading this post to Gene - during our evening TV watching of nothing in particular. We both wish you all the best in your retirement - and we will be looking to you as our mentors in a couple years! Just wait til you get the dog..... ! ;-) xoxoxo
oh and btw, consumables are always allowed even when the accumulator has been slowed to a trickle or completely shut down....