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we spend WAY too much time with ours, she's an only child and I think she needs to learn to entertain herself, and play with her peers not rely on adults. I think children often need to be themselves as they grow, we need to learn to give them space. I think spending time with your child (if it's used to entertain them) can be counter productive, of course if they need time with you to show you things, to tell you things, to let you be proud of them, that's different time...time you need to give.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2010 on How much time is enough? at Who's the Mummy?
I make our bread (no salt) and buy no salt crisps. as to 'naturally sweetened biscuits' you mean without sugar? sugar is 'natural'!? you can make breadsticks too if you roll the dough thin! breadmakers (and no salt butter) FTW!