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Why do you think they didn't announce a timeline? And no one in the fanboy press would ask that question?
California is about to vote on banning microbeads.
Or they could be the prop guy's watches.
You can thank Steve Jobs!
I have that radio and didn't even know it had that capability! Of course, my CCRADIO and various scanners have the capability also, but how often do you need it here in Southern California. In tornado alley, I have read that the Midland line of radios are the defacto standard for standalone WX standby. I have read people have one installed in the kitchen and another one installed down in the basement....or storm cellar, with a antenna on the roof!
What I find disturbing is the number of people that have ZERO radios in their house. A couple weeks ago I saw numerous posts during the Seahawks win over the 49ers of people who were hit by a power blackout resorting to listening the game in their cars. Maybe it is a West Coast thing.
I wore a lot of LL Bean flannel shirts throughout college in Seattle...I know that was 30 years ago, but they lasted a long time. Although I preferred the Eddie Bauer jackets
Aren't the AM stations in the Middle East and Africa up to 500kW? Seems like a good radio to me. If you are worried about the D cells, you can always go the rechargeable battery route.
BMW has a battery tender with a cigarette lighter. You could run it through an open window in your garage.
I have stretched 15 Gillette disposable razors out to almost a year....and in my mind, Barbasol is the cheapest shaving cream out there. (Although it used to be 99 cents with a bigger can, but I digress)
Always liked the look of that Proton 300.
CBS Sports Radio and Jim Rome have been added to the Jack 93.1 HD 2 feed in Los Angeles as of Wednesday.
So this is a DT-400W with extra station memories?
I thought the PL310 was the best Tecsun for AM
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2012 on Price Back Down on the Tecsun PL-660 at Herculodge
You tested these all at the same time? What is your location? >>>Unfortunately, AM is not nearly as sensitive as it is on the first unit. Not even a trace of the LAX TIS station on 530 kHz comes in on the replacement unit, and this comes in clearly on the original unit and on the PR-D5.
Reading around on the internet about Target and there are posts saying that all age-restricted items require and ID to be scanned. The register confirms that you are old enough to purchase it then allows the transaction to proceed. Apparently only a manager can override it. Also, 38 states require ID from everyone in the party, to prevent the one kid old enough purchasing for the rest of the group. Some states also do not except out-of-state IDs or foreign passports as valid for alcohol or tobacco.
You want sticker shock?
I don't believe that for a second...if you Google map their facility it looks like they get containers in and ship products out. There is even trash and styrofoam lying around the parking area. And their website invites you to send them your used electronics.....SO THEY CAN LOAD THE CONTAINERS on their way back to China. Even the instructions say Importer on it, and Printed in China.
I fried a YachtBoy 400 that way... had to toss it. I wonder if it damaged the charging circuit also?
ESPN needs a shakeup like CNN!
I was going to get a Nook....but even Walt Mossberg at the WSJ stated the Kindle is still better. All that is now on hold now that 3 major publishers are going to delay e-book sales 4 to 6 months after hardcover publication.
My display started acting funny a couple years ago...but about six months ago I took out the batteries and left it unplugged for a week, and now the display works fine again. I had read on that CCRADIO Yahoo group that low batteries would cause problems even if you were working off the wall plug. I can't certainly has given me my money's worth over the years.