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Christopher James Prowse
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It was a total surprise to me! I pre-ordered my concert tickets thru the Metric website months ago, so as the show date got closer, the pre-sale folks sent an email saying they were having a contest for a meet + greet with the band! I sent a response email as instructed and a few days later I was informed my name + a guest was added to the meet + greet list! I'm sure it was a total flash of luck, but give yourself a chance by pre-ordering the concert tickets thru the Metic website and hope like heck they decide to offer the meet + greet on the next round of concert dates!
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Nov 3, 2009
THANKS AGAIN for a killer show in London Friday night! I obviously picked a perfect time to catch my first show, parked at the front barrier in front of Josh all night. And as one of the VERY lucky few... Continue reading
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