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Stephen M. Boreman, Esq.
San Francisco and Sacramento, CA
California Medical Licensing And Administrative Law Attorney
Interests: California Medical Board, Physician Assistant Board, CA Board of Registered Nurses, CA Physical Therapy Board, federal regulatory authorities.
Recent Activity
An Osteopathic physician surrendered her medical license following the filing of an accusation charging her with unprofessional conduct, negligence, billing fraud and dishonesty. After being diagnosed and treated for a bipolar II condition, she sought reinstatement and was denied. The following year, following advice and recommendations from attorney Steve Boreman, she resubmitted her petition for reinstatement of her medical license. A hearing was held on a resubmitted Petition for Reinstatement on September 20, 2012. Steve represented the physician at the administrative hearing before the full Osteopathic Medical Board of California. The Deputy Attorney General assigned to the case argued that there was insufficient evidence of rehabilitation. On October 11, 2012, the Board issued a decision reinstating the physician's medical license, notwithstanding the Attorney General's position. Continue reading
Posted Oct 13, 2012 at CaliforniaMedicalLicensingService
In zazen you will discover your true face, your true mind. And that true mind will tell you what is so and what is not so. As Suzuki Roshi said, “Just sit and see what happens.” (“Not Always So”, p. 70). Sit so that when you are not sitting you will know to do right things. Don’t think. Just sit. Please. Just sit. The rest-- the Precepts, the Sutras, the Dharma and Enlightenment itself, are all there in the emptiness of just sitting. Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2012 at Zen Practice: On Just Sitting
The California Medical Board, Licensing Division, has authority to issue or deny applications for a Physician's and Surgeon's Certificate. See California Bus. & Prof. Code Section 2089. Applicants must have graduated from a recognized medical school (which includes all U.S. and Canadian medical schools) with at least 32 months, 4000... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2012 at CaliforniaMedicalLicensingService