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Right on, Tom! Innovation springs from what I like to call "the intersection of what CAN be." It's that place where consumer attitudes/behaviors/desires meet technical capabilities...and the collision creates the "idea." I'm a big believer in seeking consumer insights, and I even believe focus groups have their place. But, time and again, I've seen the difficulty people have in grasping or communicating about ideas or products that are outside their existing realm of experience. Think of all the innovations we enjoy today that would never have emerged from a focus group: from gadgets like the iPod and cell phones, to every day items like velcro and Post-it's a long list. While Edison's formula for success equates to "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration," there IS still a need for that bit of inspiration to truly innovate. And, no group of 8 people can hand you that on a platter. Thanks for the stimulating post! Ted @tedlsimon
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Great post, Tom. Very funny cartoon accompanied by equally wise perspective on "well-intended OVERcommunication" and the drag on productivity. Your personal anecdote is one so many of us have well as those meetings depicted in your cartoon. Thanks for the reminder and food for thought.
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Tom, Once again you have accomplished in one small panel what so many cannot capture in a thousand powerpoint slides. Bottom line, there's a point where efficiency becomes INefficiency, as in preventing the development of a distinctive brand that attracts customers and builds long-term loyalty. You can't put THAT in a cardboard box! Ted @tedlsimon
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