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Thinking very positive thoughts your way as you write about your journey.
Beautiful bright colors, it may not have been your sunset, but it brightened my grey day. Thank you.
Wonderful story Julie, as always you inspire me.
What a fantastic idea. It seems that the last decade was about everybody but myself. Last year I started making time for me to try and accomplish some of my dreams. This seems like an idea fit for me this year. The download went great, Now I will have to get going on the doing. Rennata
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Julie, I ran across this post while I was searching for umbrellas. My daughter said she wanted a fun umbrella. I had one of those umbrellas, a white banded one, my sister had a blue one. Mine matched my boots. What a fun memory for me, thank you for sharing yours. WHat great creatity.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Which Way Did the Words Go? at Julie Unplugged
I was caught by your tagline- Trying to live creatively and authentically. Learning to BE - HERE - NOW. I thought that it made a perfect goal for what to do with my life. Thank you for the question and the answer.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2009 on Wild and Precious Life at Dream - Wish - Hope
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I had to go back and see what was not done. Wow, what a project. I would love to see the finished project.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2009 on Art Every Day #28 at p.quinn
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One of the best things I learned from my husband is that arguments can be healthy. I grew up in a situation very like yours until it got to the point where things were out of control, which really reinforced the conflict is bad. What he showed me is that is better to confront it head on and deal with it rather than let things fester then blow up out of control. I hope that some good comes of the badness. Look for the gift that this argument hands you. Your hands are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this whole story, it makes the hand even more wonderful.
Beautiful! She is so light and airy.
your poem touched me. Thank you for sharing.
I love the combination of the tea cup and the journal. Very inspiring. Best wishes with the wrist.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Art Every Day #19 at p.quinn
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This is beautiful, It really hits the mother daughter relationship.