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Wow Sue. The conference sounds exciting. Will you be putting your talk/presentation online? It sounds like something I might like to include on the reading list for the Online MA course in New Media Narratives at the U of Alberta. Also - do you have a pic of "transliteracy" in Chinese characters and pinyin?
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Kirsty and Christine, I also raised this issue in my recent post here. I feel that the word "read" is more than adequate and that the research field transliteracy is (at least currently) in, reading is aligned with the act of interpretation rather than statically bound to letters. I'm curious about the conference you recently attended. Do you have details about it? About what was the speaker presenting (the one who said a-literate)? I'm curious to know the context. "Why would students need to be able to write a scientific methodology when they could just video the experiment taking place and upload it? As a record of the methodology it will be more accurate!" Also as I re-read this quote (and by re-read I also mean reflect/interpret) I wonder about the placement of the word "just." This seems to imply that the speaker understands video as a straight-forward almost "Realist" device; "recording" the Truth. Of course there might be other questions posed because of a video transcription rather than a written one. The speaker also seems to evade the educational premise of writing about a methodology in terms of understanding the steps involved and reflecting on the practise rather than doing without any reflection.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on Transliteracy and Me at Transliteracy Research Group
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