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1. I like them and posted on their page that you sent me. 2. Shared Mommy Necklace's Facebook page. 3. Joined with Google Friend Connect. 4. I subscribe to this blog via email. 5. Subscribed to Feedburner RSS. 6. I like your Facebook page. 7. Shared the link for this giveaway on my Facebook profile. 8. I follow Job Description: Mommy on Twitter. 9. Shared Job Description: Mommy's Facebook page. This is awesome, I LOVE Mommy Necklaces!
I couldn't find the "suggest" link so I shared your facebook page on my profile. Not sure how else to do it. - Anna Grace Christine
Shared on facebook - Anna Grace Christine
I like you on facebook - Anna Grace Christine
Subscribed to emails and verified. Your link to Google friend connect isn't working.
I would choose Orkid 20oz for me, Animalz Navy for my 5.5 year old, and Nature Sippy Sun for my 18 month old.