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shame. Who is this Foe Atangana? He must be doing some no good crap for Biya in DC. That is why he has not been recalled.
An unreconstituted cam-no-go warrior always sees those who disagree through his tiny tribal prism.
Good thing, I have the presence of mind not to follow genocider uncles into their dens of iniquity. I dash you dem.
You are one to them, Entrepreneur Man?
Cool. Fashionable.
People spreading genocidal propaganda here may want to reflect, and change their tunes. Should anything happen untoward, they shall be held to account in international courts. Konde take note. Dipoko, take note. We have you on record. We may use pseudonyms here, but we are all easy to identify with minimum effort.
Quints need a lot of technology and a ton of money and expertise to survive.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2009 on And Five Babies Died at Up Station Mountain Club
Little frog kleptomaniacs are beyond our understanding? Get a grip Difoko. Go back to your gory hole in Yaounde. Leave exile to us.
Maryland slums? He he he. Very funny, coming from a dude from Yaounde. The whole place stinks like the weeklong unwashed nether regions of a slattern.
Hateful little genocidal twerp. My contriman, Innocent Chia? How would you know that? I could be YOUR contriman but I would be thoroughly ashamed to make that association.
Genocider could not resist a dig. Chicago is the land of whose forebears? We will be there or anywhere else on planet earth. Not everyone can stand his puckered lips in Biya's backside, like you my friend. The Fon is in Widikum. Read the entire story on the Chia Report.
Very nice, professor. Very nice words and condolences to the family of the departed gentleman. Now, try to be as nice to those who are not your tribes people, living and dead. Your evil words you cannot take back, but you can change.
It is so cool to have an enlightened man as your king. Best wishes to Widikum and may it be transformed in all the ways he envisions.
Sango, rest in peace.
Ahidjo was just as corrupt and thieving as Biya, just that nobody dared call him a thief, because he would get you tortured until you die. Then he would get them to revive you, feed you well until you recover, then start the process over again until all your hair turned white. People were too terrified to call this tyrant what he was. The difference between him and Biya is that Ahidjo exercised tighter control over the stealing. Only those he permitted were allowed to steal. Significant freestyle stealing was considered a challenge to authority. CPDM is CNU. Paul Biya's government is a continuation of Ahidjo's.
"What chance has life when death is the physician?" That is an excellent quote. There has to be good will and respect for democracy for democracy to work, otherwise committed pressure groups with clear objectives, and not political office is the way to go. Regarding the Entrepreneur man or woman. You are just another Mille Collines, Konde lite genocidist. A stupid Southern Cameroonian.
You are inflicted with the CPDM? What kind of disease is that?
Patience Tamfu doing the CPDM dimabola thing in America. Disgusting display. You guys are all mercenaries.
Entrepreneur, I will throw not just a stone but will toss a Boulder. I have not a single thing in common with the guy or with the Cameroun disease. I have never given nor solicited bribes, and have never assaulted anyone with whom I had a disagreement. Danny Boy, this is the anti-graffi message from Konde: "Have you noted the names of those who have written with gleeful satisfaction about the incident that purportedly occcurred at the Cameroon Embassy? Why are most of those who celebrate this misfortune drawn from among our Graffi brothers? Their strategy is much larger than what meets the eye from a mere cursory glance. Their strategy is to discredit any individual in high government position so that the discredited may be replaced with their own whom they seldom criticize, let alone discredit. As a social philosopher my role is to explicate the actions of human beings engaged in social/political action. Here below is my explanantion of their noise. It is very strange that only our Graffi brothers are elated by the unfortunate incident alleging an altercation on the grounds of the Cameroon Embassy in Washington, D.C. What is their rationale? Why is it that only a particular group of Anglophones are enthralled by this incident? Why do they thrive on macabre rumor, on embellishing and propagating the negative, on juxtaposing fact and fiction, and from this juxtapositioning producing versions of a story far-removed from what actually happened? One would have expected a totally different reaction from caring native Cameroonians, who would have at least waited for more details before passing judgment, while wondering whether any person was badly hurt and how those involved are faring. But not so our Graffi brothers, whose brethren in Bamenda recently threw their support to the same Government whose representative in the U.S. they are now excoriating. Can you see the contradiction in this? Yes, if one were philosophical. But this is high stakes politics, coordinated from afar. And political logic is not philosophical logic. So what is their political strategy? One group is embracing, another group is pushing and pressuring, the very same Government. For what purpose? To gain from all possible angles and at any posible cost. Talk of chewing corn from both sides of the mouth and simultaneously spitting it out. This is raw politics and destructive politics, which we must expose and oppose to ensure that our Graffi brothers cease and desist from practicing. " Konde is Radio Milles Collines and he might yet pay a huge price for exercising his hate muscles. Yes, even in America.
Al ain Di_poko is that you?
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Nov 17, 2009
I am literally moved to tears. Banning chiefs and kings who stood for their people is an old colonial tactic. The french banned and exiled the renaissance king of Fumban, Sultan Njoya to Yaounde because he stood up for his people and the progress of their culture. These arrogant invaders, usurpers, thieves are crazy. They are banning chiefs on their own soil.
This is good writing, Louis Mbua. You describe your experiences as you see them without hyperbole. Your series makes for compelling reading. People visiting home after an interval of 5 or more years are always shocked by the deterioration over the interval. People who live in close proximity to open sewers for a longtime often learn to ignore the smell. There is nothing like absence to increase the acuteness of the senses. If the price of "doing well" in Cameroon is kissing CPDM ass, it means nothing to me. Mr Entrepreneuronline. It is quite clear that you are a lowdown CPDM kiss ass man and praise singer. I am "doing well" where I am, thank you.
Many frogs have been here before trying "wear them down". Let me assure you that like the rest of them, you shall be unrecognizable road kill by the time we are done with you.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Photo: PMUC Buea at Up Station Mountain Club