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It's not love for Spector. It's lesser of two evils. Before the injury it was clear Mexico were targeting our LB. To that point Lichaj had been pushed but had held his own. Why put easily our weakest defender there? At the very least make Mexico change their point of attack and go left at a quasi Prem level player.. rather than stay the course targeting a quasi mexican league level player. Plus Spector clearly has more minutes at a higher level and more recently than JB.
The only reason I checked the comments was because I figured the comments would surround her. haha. Just as i was bout to give the soccer by ives crew props for posting the pic it looks like they changed it.
Plus the ball he got hurt on.. was likely a good opportunity. I felt like he was improving. A few good glimpses, however still MIA too much.
I saw that.. I thought it was maybe a pain med droopy eye.. It is strange that even in this vid, they didnt clarify exactly what the injury was or the severity. Is it usual for the MRI to take an extended time.. Are there worries about him never gaining his full speed again? I guess luckily unlike Davies, he doesnt live by his speed, but by his touch and composure.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2011 on Holden on his road to recovery at Soccer By Ives
Brutal. MLS has to send a message. MLS is on a positive arc. Screwing this up will dirty the water of the league. I taped this game as a nuetral because MLS is gaining my attention. This tackled sickened me and I stopped watching. If this isn't dealt with harshly, it will linger and leave a bad taste. I don't care if Mullan was feeding orphans this afternoon or isnt that type of player. That act was 2nd degree not manslaughter intent. At least ten games and fine equaling 10 games of pay.
Juan was born with both. A good artist can paint. But if he can study next to a master he'll be that much better. On the training ground a lot of conversation, comparison, tips and tricks are discussed. Training next to Henry is a plus to be sure.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Must-See Goal: Juan Agudelo at Soccer By Ives
While I agree with you mostly.. There is something to be said for a young player like Agudelo training side by side and off with the forwards during breakouts.. to have Henry with him. You are shown, you do emulate and you talk about the little things in training. Of course you do have to have the skills to pull it off.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Must-See Goal: Juan Agudelo at Soccer By Ives
An SF team and identity in a revamped Kezar with some solid marketing and partnering with USF could hit on all cylinders. Heck even taking it in a different direction and building the same proposed stadium in Pleasanton would probably do better than SJ. That said, I'd agree the visual of watching a game on TV at Buck Shaw is better than NE. Without question.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on Feilhaber will stay with Revs at Soccer By Ives
Of course the World Series last year woulda have been at best an Everton v Spurs affair.. so in that respect MLB gets it even more right. This process, the CAP and others are neccessary evils of creating a sustainable league in the US. Some of them are out-dated and could/should be altered in the near future.. However the league is in an adolescent phase and it's still better to be conservative with making changes than not. Give it a little more time.
Good quickness in the box with these last two goals.. Keep it up Ale'
Pardon the Interuption went with A+ and A+. How could they not. Even the rain was perfect.
Per twellman's tweet and wikipedia it's one yard longer than highbury but three yards narrower. (110 x 70 vs 109 x73) highbury being notoriously small. great atmosphere, welcome to the league. but next year add four yards each way, you have the space.
Living in the Bay Area.. I think San Jose is the wrong place in the Bay Area for a team. SF itself would do better. The largest "soccer" demographic is in the eastbay pleasanton/walnut creek area..and it's pretty healthy in the North Bay. SJ is not very accesssible to these groups.
Agreed 100%. Both places need real grass, without something will always be missing.
It will be some backwards deal, that continues to take advantage of MLS and the Galaxy. He'll be back for an obscene 4 year contract. That allows him to play in England Jan 2012 through the end of the season and allow him to play in the Olympics. He'll be back for the end of the season but be spent. He'll have a farewell 2013 season where the league plays it up like he's a retiring hero. He "coaches" for the remaining years of his contract. Then ditches LA for NY Cosmos.
I just read his bio on wikipedia. strikes me as a full circle kind of guy. father in law owns walmart, he builds the plaza's. He owns stadiums, ticketing companies, starts a tv station for his team.. any peripheral business he can get into he does. One of the knocks on arsenal (aside from trophies) is their inability to take the brand global. I have the feeling we're going to see a much stronger partnership working between Rapids and Arsenal.. and even the Rams. And the emergence of a couple 'new' London companies that cater to Arsenal.
I had a real dislike for Mexico starting 02.. But I like Hernandez. He is straight up a goal scoring bandit. His movement and quickness are what you want on your team whether it be u10 or in the WC. Even his leave for Rooney mid week was brilliant. How many other strikers think only ball and intercept that pass at the poorer angle? Plus he seems like a good kid. He is what I was hoping Charlie Davies would become. The key in the gold cup will be to cut off his service.. cause no one in our pool will contain him.
Current Form - Clint is a full step ahead of LD. And Chicharito is a full step ahead of Clint.
I had hoped that after a year on the same roster as Kitchen and Davies.. that he'd be swayed to head to a USMNT camp this January. Guess not.
haha... got me.
I agree. And it seemed he was more composed when he had Ream next to him. They seemed to be a good mix of raw get stuck in and composure. My question is.. Can Ream BATTLE in those games we need to. Like against Argentina and Spain.. anyone? I barely get to see him play and there was little battle yesteday.
If people remember Skeets Nehemiah.. one thing The one thing this tryout validated was that it's easier to suddenly pick up the NFL game than it is the MLS game. I invite any All Star in any sport to tryout and be an honorary captain.
Dennis Rodman in his prime as goalkeeper since age 4. Are you kidding me? The worm woulda been the best that ever lived. I think the best woulda been soccer players are running backs, point guards and off guards. Re Ocho Cinco. Why the heck not huh.
I'd like to see this tried out.. However.. How about Landon in the center midfield role. More a recessed forward where he can be dangerous (Behind Agudelo?). Dempsey and Chandler on the wings. Bradley/Edu or Jones behind them.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Chandler impresses in USMNT debut at Soccer By Ives
I'm usually one of the first ones to say I'm not sure a MF with Bradley is our best. But after last night I concede something. Bradley is gritty. He does a lot of dirty work and gets stuck in when we're playing an opponent better than us. For long stretches he was my man of the match for the single reason that he was the bull dog forcing argentina into a direction that allowed a US defender to intercept. Now I still think against equal or lesser opponents M.Bradley isn't technical or fluid enough.. but in a bunker down game he has to play.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Chandler impresses in USMNT debut at Soccer By Ives