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I agree with Michael. Please return. Take a hiatus. Contribute once a month at best. Do not go quietly into that good night...
cool, pat. I watch It's the Great Pumpkin and Merry Christmas every year on ABC. I hope it airs this year.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on Tithing Peanuts at The Master's Artist
Jeanne, thanks for that great comment. It's quite remarkable what Schulz did in my eyes. Nicole, what else indeed.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on Tithing Peanuts at The Master's Artist
Tina, agreed. I wanted a response from our media regarding Pastor Terry Jones' Quran burning debacle, Joe Barron's Prestonwood foolishness, and many other stories that make it to mainstream media newsfeeds before us. I understand that we don't want to promote sin, and that is a legitmate concern. However, if we reported right. If we stopped mimicking the world and use Christian Media as a Christian education component for The Body of Christ, then we may be onto something. A friend of mine mentioned today a great example of a story that should have been written about last week's events: "How do parents respond to their children when church scandal finds its way to the school playground?"
Hey, Pat! I didn't mean bloggers, which are more like op-ed columnists; I meant press. Press knows that they don't have to wait, because the information they need is now public record. They also reporting news has nothing to do with taking sides. In fact, press cannot take sides. They just report. That non-reporting concerns me. Not just on this issue, but on many things have happened in the past on my watch as a Christian journ. I believe that we were created to counter mainstream media. Yet, when we don't respond--like Tina pointed out-- then it appears that we have taken a side, to pretend as if the matter doesn't exist.
I agree, Kristen. There is a definite need for e-books. However, there are a few challenges with the current formats, processes and it's future profitability for both the publisher and the author. Because the concept was so new to publishers, they didn't have the hindsight to implement the agency pricing model when they signed their first ebooks deal with Amazon. Now ebook purchasers have grown accustomed to those prices. Had these prices been adequate in the beginning bookstore chains wouldn't be scrambling to make e-readers or apps for iPad. Bookstore chains wouldn't be shifting most of their focus to book digitization. Instead it should be an equal focus of developing a better customer service plan for their brick & mortar stores. Moreover, publishing houses should take book digitization as a cautionary tale, and not alienate it's authors. Because in the end if you don't have great storytellers in house, it doesn't matter what kind of story reading format(bound book, mobi, or ereader)you have, if there are no stories worth paying for to read over and over again.
the sky is gray on your birthday georgia wind sings through the crack in my car door a song for Chip, not Chip MacGregor, but the paint that has chipped from all the settled pollen, bird crap, keying, scraping garage doors, truck getting old, and lastly from stalking chip when he travels to Georgia yeah that's me lurking behind that white church in athens, ga you know which one i'm talking about the one with the blue paint chips on it ... i forgot what this poem was about...
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on The 2010 Bad Poetry Contest at Chip MacGregor .com