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Good luck and see you in court. I demand that the FCC regulate the Internet just like they sorta do the TV. This case will reset the punitive damages record with no question whatsoever.
I have sued Google and will add Yahoo Inc and Microsoft Corporation when Google's motion to dismiss gets thrown out. I am in the top photographers in the history of photographing the figure as an object of art but that does not give Google or ANY search engine a right to attribute nudes to me. You can't reach or from a search engine except to the first page. It allows NO deep linking but still gets traffic. Google has proposed a copyright alternative and an alternative registry. Nudes will not be shown without adult verification after my lawsuit is over. Not even if you search for the word NUDE and only claim to be an adult. Game Over Google and others.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2010 on Christian nudes at TallSkinnyKiwi
The entire domain industry is a fraud in my opinion. My lawsuit will have more of an impact on the fraud you are calling an "industry" than companies publishing data about prior bids. No published prior bid should be considered truthful unless verified by the bidder. ------------------------------- --------------------------- ... -------------------------- Malicious cybersquatting and refusal to return two TM'd domains after being notified will soon blossom into a case that adds Google Inc. and Network Solutions Solutions Inc. for exactly the same two domains. See it detailed at the protest URL above. The case will end the domain "industry" fraud because there is one "monetization" fraud besides "expiring" domain auctions that registrars will now use to inflate the profits they can get and when this fraud is addressed the bubble that the "business" the fraud actually is will finally POP. -------------------------- An industry creates something? What does the domain industry create? Fraudulent profits by helping turn the address bars into just another way to google? Watch as they license domains so that the address bar of browsers become another search entry and leads accidental users to their own advertisers.