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Rachael Palinkas
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I have been looking for a really great unicorn fabric and all of the ones I have found are either really cheesy or way to childish. I think mystic or fantasy creatures would be a great theme - because there isn't enough of that kind of stuff out there. Woodland creatures is another idea. or peacocks - not just birds but peacocks those are beautiful birds. and trees is my last idea I will post. I am thinking more realistic trees than kind of cartoony there are a lot of those kind of fabrics but few where the trees are realistic.
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I totally agree with Holly. Ever since you switched to this new voting method it has made my decisions much harder. Every time there are cases where two that I really like a lot are on one page, whereas before they were all listed and we were REALLY able to choose the ones that we liked the best. I personally think that the current voting method isn't really fair, if it is only one vote per fixed number of designs using the program that you are then couldn't you just have four pages with all the designs on every page? I suppose that means people may vote for the same design four times, but perhaps there is a way around that?
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