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Our family cabin up in Norway Park. It's located just off highway 9 in Mount Vernon, WA. Off of Lake McMurray. This cabin is the last place on earth I feel close as well as connected to my family
Is it wrong, to fight, for what is mine? There will come a day that I will get the chance to tell my side as well as walk through the doors of the cabin my grandmother intended for me to have. Sadly there have been some set backs but slowley and surely we will fight back and expose this community for the god awful people they truly are. I will NEVER give up or stop fighting as that would be the wrong thing to do.
Interests: watching movies, fishing, scrapbooking, camping, my children, road trips and just hanging out with my family and close friends.
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I'm backkkk :-) Soon as I get some time later I will once again be starting to blog and I have ALLOT to blog about that's for sure..... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2012 at Kari's Injustice
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May 25, 2012
Subject: Norway Park and our issues. Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 10:40:07 -0800 Dear: Norway Park Board Members (Please excuse me but I do not have all your email addresses so would you kindly pass this email along to whomever I may have forgot to add on the list) I am writing you asking for your permission to be able to attend one of your upcoming board meetings. I have started a letter to everyone in the park but instead I thought it would be best that I try and at least deal directly with the board as I would... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2012 at Kari's Injustice
Holly, That was a very sweet comment and you pretty much nailed it when it comes to all that needed to be said. Thank you. I don't mind the negative comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can tell ya this, D does know me and the community so we can all see why that type of comment was made and why we also have never heard back from that person. You know, it's really sad. The only way to describe what happened in Noray Park is to give an example of grade school bullies and YES they sure did find other people to pick on, they still are. Oh I have ALOT to share about what went on in the park last year, what continues to go on as well as share more board meeting minutes with everyone. It will more then show how bias and downright MEAN this community can be. I can tell you one thing, I plan to start blogging again on a daily basis, catch up from where I left off up until now and explain how things are about to heat up once again when it comes to the legal issues. I am DONE laying low and this case/situaion is going to get finished once and for all this year. So now it's time to get started :) Thank you Holly and Happy New Year to you :-)
P.S.. One thing I forgot to say here is that I too hope my children do not learn to hate, BULLY and cause the emotional damage the people of Norway Park have done. I hope they do learn to stand up for themselves and always tell the truth no matter what the cost. D, oh I totally AGREE with you but you have it allo turned around backwards her. he only harm that was done was the harm done to my family and quite frankly I am not asheamed one bit for my blog as my blog is truthful. Now if I was lying (like they (all of you) did and contiue to do then of course that would be reprehensible. If you do not know me or this community involved then you have no right to leave comments as if you know what you are talking about. If you also read most of my blog you would see the damage this has caused not only my children but my father as well and one thing for sure, I have had enough people speak up for me to back me up on all of this. It's clear you do know me, or should I say "The community" as if you did not you would not feel the need to make comments on something and someone you know absoulely NOTHING about as my blog clearly tell's BOTH sides and I will continue on with not only my blog, but my legal fight against this community until the truth is told. I will teach my children to never toterate BULLYING at ANY AGE. I hope you do continue reading as more people from the park are about to come forward and tell the truth and when that happens, when this case moves forward you can surley bet I will share it all here. Kari
Opops "If you know me or NOT" not "if you know me or now" Sorry about that. Have to learn to spell check I guess. Anyway, once again, take care and I do thank you for your opinions and reading my blog, good or bad as long as they are reading right :)
Well I appericiate all comments, good or bad and you have the right to your opinion. I am sure there are many who feel the way you do and then the people who actually know me and my family know the TRUTH. In all honesty you are correct, there are "some" situations where I may have let is escluate too far and I do take the blame in the things I did wrong and more so I can admit when I am wrong. This is a topic I could go on and on about but like I said in my blogs, if you have really read them then you should understand I don't play games or hide behind people who can't admit who they are. I do not for one minute think you don't know who I am as do any of my readers cause if you read my blog then you would be able to see BOTH sides and not just try to slam me. It's clear you are trying to start something up here and I am sorry but I am not going to fall for it again. This next year is all about getting things done regarding my family as well as having the truth be told about that cabin. One thing I am happy to report is I am gone (for now) but it won't be long at all till I am back and that you can feel free to read about as this case picks up again in the new year, and of course you are free to any opinions you may have, if you know me or now. Take Care and Happy New Yaer.... Kari
I found out quite a bit of information in the past few weeks in regards to what the residents of Norway Park up in Lake McMurray, WA have been thinking, were informed and I need to make something very clear..... THEY WERE MISINFORMED!!!! To make a very long story short this is what I agreed to, at least what I "thought" the contract I signed was "suppose" to mean, what my previous jackass of a negligent of attorney (who by the way will be getting sued as soon as the holidays are over and the dust settles a bit more... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
I'll just get to the point here. Seems "someone" in Norway Park has decided to vandalize our family cabin. Yep the bathroom window was shattered and it was done clearly on purpose! This is the LAST thing my father should have to be dealing with. Like I said, he has cancer and was suppose to start radiation today and now he has to deal with vandalism from the trolls!!!! Here my father has been telling the board memebrs of Norway Park to reactivate his gate card as he is not behind on any dues and it's his RIGHT to have... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
When my father arrived from CA for the summer he in fact talked to many people in Norway Park and the board members as well. As we started talking to my father's attorney he advised we try to do this as much on our own as we can to save as much money as possible. WOW huh? Now if that was my previous attorney he would have wanted $4,000 just to keep going and would never advise that! Although we did in fact get all the files from my previous attorney to my father's attorney and we in fact did... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
I'll get quick and to the point with this one. This July my husband I attended a function directly next door to Norway Park. While we were there we happened to run into a few people that happened to be members of Norway Park... To make a very long story short we came to find out that the problems that occurred in Norway Park had most to do with Corilla (yea go figure huh) and that she literally was urging people to make up stories to not only the people in the park but the local authorities as well as... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
When my father and his wife arrived back to WA in June ALLOT of things changed and all for the better. I don't want to get into a long drawn out post here and really would like to catch up to speed on the here and now. Anyway, when my father arrived he once again went to some appointments with me at our attorney's office. One also good thing this summer was that my father's wife and I made peace with each other and that I feel WONDERFUL about. I just want my dad to be happy, that's all that... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
I thought I would take a moment to tell you that this past spring Peggy finally started to allow Amy to come around. Not just Kimberly going to Amy's home but Peggy kindly allowed Amy to come to our home and more so back around me. This is will be very important in my blogs to come as what Peggy allowed for our kids has made not only our children's lives much happier but mine as well. Peggy and I did not mend our friendship BUT we did let it go. We have decided to be civil to each other... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
It was around the end of May when I finally started to really started to feel better physically. I had been seeing doctors on a weekly basis as well as my new attorney. I was taking care of my kids needs, more so Matthew's as well as my life was getting back on track. Now that I was getting well my new attorney had retained all the files from my previous attorney and boy was that a hassle to get. My previous attorney expected me to pay for 3 hrs of their time to copy and 25 cents a page!!!!!... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
It was about a week after I got home from rehab when I was laying in bed and woke up to my father walking in the room. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug ever. I asked him "What are you doing here dad?" He replied "I came home with Kimberly, (Kimberly went to Palm Desert to spend spring break with her grandpa:) Daniel said you are not doing too well and I thought you could use my help with your recovery" I was beyond touched. I can't describe how much it meant for my... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
I have already mentioned in full detail in some of my blogs below about what happened to my son in February of 2011 so I will not go back into full detail with that again. To sum it up Matthew became very ill, started having seizures and now has epilepsy along with 3 other disorders. His condition is serious and there are no guarantees as far as Matthew goes but he has good doctors and is on medication and we also carry an emergency seizure kit with us wherever we go. That is where we are at with him right... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Well it's been a LONG time since I have been blogging that's for sure, but it's time for me to start back up again as not only is there allot to say it's also therapeutic for me. For now I will start with one topic at a time, like I said, there will be SEVERAL posts abouts what's been going on since last Oct and very soon I will be filing new charges against certain people as well as the park, IF things can not be handled in a mature manner and settled on it's own. Let's just say I... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
"The most important thing in their lives was to have a lawsuit going. It was not a question of winning or losing it, and indeed it was vital to do neither, for otherwise the suit would be over and done with. A lawsuit was part of the personality, if not the only visible sign of it, to such an extent that there was often no real animosity between the litigants, because they both needed each other" Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
They want to talk about being in contempt of the contract will i'll show them what being in contempt is. If anyone is in contempt it's them. I have decided that along with everything else it's time to get some facts in order, file and sue THEM for breech of contract and they did so within days of the contract being signed, if not the very first day. Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Just a quick and fun little blog. All about "Just Maybes" ;) Well the past few days have been somewhat of a disappointment. Kind of a bummer the injunction will remain in tact pending the trial BUT there will be a trial and I can say without a doubt that once it's said and done "Kari" will once again be back at the cabin that her grandmother willed her to have. Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Remember how I told you that to reside in Norway Park one must be a resident of the Ballard lodge for at least THREE MONTHS.... Well.............. As I read through the monthly board meeting minutes I read how there were non members living up in Norway Park... Hmmmm, whomever these so called "non members" were, were they told to leave? Were they taken to court? Was the members that they were staying with held accountable for their action, were they FINED, BULLIED and given HELL TOO? The answer to that is..... NO THEY WERE NOT. That's all I need to... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Norway Park Lake McMurray Norway Park is a private membership park and community and is part of LEBA (Leif Erikson Recreation Area). It is on Lake McMurray, north of Seattle. It provides camping and recreation facilities for members of the Sons of Norway. Here is the web address for more information: Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Well we have been through allot these past few months with Matthew. He has had allot of blood work done, a cat scan, MRI and an EEG. Sadly Matthew has severe brain damage that was caused from the meningitis he got when he was 3 weeks old and this has now turned into Epilepsy. Matthew is in for the fight of his life from here on out. You know looking back I now see some of the signs and different types of seizures he was having without even knowing it. One for example is when he would wake up in... Continue reading
Posted Jun 22, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
I know, I have yet to finish my other 2 blogs below I have been working on but there has been more important things going on in my life lately but today I will go full forward with my blogs about this park and organization. For now I copied and pasted a comment I just left on facebook and after I get back home in a few I will finish this blog and then get back to the other 2 I have yet to finish. I am so fed up right now! Our son Matthew is very sick and at... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2011 at Kari's Injustice
Since you are all obsessed with my life and what I say and do then here is one for ya. HURRY in your trucks, Cars ETC (Monica, Susie, Karen etc, etc) as below the beautiful poem my family posted for my mother, in between the flowers they planted for her on my behalf (maybe I hid in the car lol) there is a note left specifically for you so SCURRY along now. My family is now home so you won't get caught snooping (least this time ;) And do me and my family a favor, don't destroy the flowers my... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2011 at Kari's Injustice