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Abeng,Celeste,Kah Wallah, join SDF in 2007 and by 2010 she wants to be norminated a presidential candidate,good vision" I strongly express the opinion that Kah had a hidden agenda before becoming a member of SDF,If most Cameroonians had the mindset of Kah Wallah 19 millions would have been postulating for a presidential position. You do not join a political party with such an agressive political mindset. She says i quate " I also Resign from SDF as it so for does not share in the strategy and pace that we feel is necessary to obtain this change" Narrow minded. Who thinks the pace of things to change cameroon is slow. How i wish the politics was a game of try and see as some of the boot lickers like Ben Muna,Kah Wallah, will claim, i would have suggest we allow her to go into election in the present dispensation and let the result reflect her wish. I have realised most Cameroonians are game players, not even this so called Kah Wallah is willing to participate in changing Cameroon. She wants to get rich so soon. Your party cannot be confronting the ruling Government on the illigaliies of Elecam and you embark on a crusade to crack party? are we sure this lady is not a CPDM spy? Am afraid Cameroonians are joking. Why not wait for the party convention? and let the people see that you have tried your best. I almost was beleiving that Kah Walla was serious her action has just exposed her political failure,and intellectual weakness. Must you resign in a party you very much want to bring change to? Kah Wallah wanted a party that will boast her popularity and certainly settle with SDF, and after creating confusion she steps aside and declare her intention. Well am not refusing her from persuing her heart desires but i only wish she could take the right path, at the right time. Most Cameroonians have sacrifice for SDF more than the SDF Chairman but have always maintained a low profile.Must every Nec member becomes a presidential Candidate? Lets wait and see. In as much as we encourage women to wake up and be competative. we will not accept nonsense
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A was born a southern Cameroonian, worked in Southern Cameroon for 8 years. I love Southern Cameroons and prepare to die for Southern Cameroons. Live a southern Cameroonian. KonforNjiwa, my father once told me that as a hunter you go to the hunting field with a Matchet,a Gun, a spear, Snail,in order to target the animal from different angls. I supported SDF hoping change could come and Southern Cameroons will feel the impact,I worked with my French brothers and from every indication its a difficult union. Except underwise, a lot more has to be perfected.
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Acha i saw the clock and the explosive attached to and it immediately came to mind that if we were serious enough we would have longed devise this strong mechanism above to chase these old men and stop complaining. Phillip with a bottle of Amstel you can succesfully change the mind of a youth in Cameroon to vote for CPDM. The SDF convention will soon be up i expect people like Osih' Nyncheu, Christoper,F. etc to challenge Fru Ndi. For your information i will never cast a single vote in favour of any fellow from the center, east,north,South. I believe the direction of hegemony has to shift.
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Good morning Mr. Philip Acha." I reapeat from you confrontation on the other hand is empirical and absolute. Only through confrontation can power be realised. Good talk.I humbly accept with you that the entire public service man power, brain, is aged and needs a complete overhauling. My brother Acha i have the impression some of us are not ready.Most often we use our keyboards to analyse the political temperature and minds in Cameroon without actually knowing what transpired in the field.I am a young man of 30's,we faught hard in the 90's stood firm behind SDF, supported change in Cameroon to no avail. 20 years i had never fail to cast my vote in an Election in Cameroon called it rigged or free, fair election. Make no mistake Acha, i want to state with a fair degree of certainty that i am not ready to vote in any Election in Cameroon in the present state of things. During the last Parliamentary Election i worked in a polling station,personally counted the votes and was shocked with the out come of the result.Am not ready for any heart break. I will tell you i rang my friend Njoya in Buea who disclosed the result of a polling station to me and quest what? The result later came out to be fake. Acha, Paul biya ammended article 6 sub 2 of the constitution stipulating the term of office from 7 to 5 in order to stay in power, that for sure. That is where the rigging machinary started. Acha i will stand behind you, Osih,Fomunyoh,etc provided you assure me of a free fair Election in Cameroon. The youth are yet to accept the fact that we have latent energy, the youth constitute a formidable force in Cameroon. In 2008 i was detain in Mbanga for 4 nights because i was found in position of SCNC membership card. I saw young energitic men ready for action but no leadership. Acha i accept with you Chairman is old enough to have a rest and hand over command to Fomunyou, Osih, Kah Walla. Where was Christoper? why did he wait to come in just at the edge of Election period? In which party does he belong? What does he want to offer as a political strategy? Acha i see most of these guys are just there to joke with our fate. I want a true patroit. The only party i could trust a bit now is SDF or seperation. We have to regroup ourselves not over the keyboard but in Cameroon. This forum has more than enough teachers but limited students bros. The time for ACTION IS NOW.
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@ Chia, I will strongly advice you to edite the write up of your surbordinate using your website. From every indication Acha's anger is senseless and baseless. He projects the image of his brother Christopher in Utubes, campaign for him. Christopher pretends to criticise the illigalities of Elecam,it puzzle me why Acha must drop a negative ink or write up against SDF to turn around and tell cameroonians to stand behind his brother. I can see the angle from which Acha burns his energy, to keep his tribes man tall. Make no mistake this is not the time we sit and raise negative criticism. we must unite behind SDF to keep the house clean. Fru ndi has done nothing wrong, however in the game of politics mistakes are bound to registered. In as much as we talk positively about christopher let us not forget that Christopher had all these beautiful ideas five years behind.gentlemen let us seek to reason collectively and fight as one man, United we stand.
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Aloys,i thought you could be at a better position and far intelligent in analysing the political atmosphere in Cameroon. Infact your piece confirms the big fact that we are not ready for any change in Cameroon. Who is fooling who? CPDM or SDF? In 2008 Paul single handedly ammended article 6 sub 2 of the constitution and went free with it. Secondly he invited the french prime Minister in Yaounde to renew a military pact, Cameroonians folded thier arms. Take it or you leave it,that was the beginning of the rigging, Registration or voter aparthy nothing will change. Hey,Cameroonians if we go back to analyse the 11 points advanced by SDF as conditions for a free fair election in Cameroon we will certainly see some facts why we should not bother to register. You cannot be a team player and suddenly resign and declare your neutrality just to come back a match delegate in that same team who will not favour your team? Aloys, the body composition of Elecam is a CPDM polit-Bureau party issue, how can you persuade Cameroonians to have faith and confidence in these traitors? Voter Registered was supposed to be opened in january it never happened reasons being that, there was no sufficient funding for the Independent Elecam,this is all bulshit, a board that is supposed to be independent Politically, Finanacially. Voters materials are still being supplied through the governors office which is an indication that Minate is still highly involved in the organisation of elections in Cameroon. Section 3 Sub 1 and 2 of the general provision of Elecam states that members shall not be prosecuted, arrested, investigated in performing their duties, Aloys its all a sham. I have personally participated in almost all the fake election orgainised by paul Biya and will state with a fair degree of certainty that only the barrel of a gun will move paul biya at his present position. Cameroonians if we love Cameroon then we must rise up as one man go on to the streets and never come back home until change is register. The language Paul understands is violence and nothing else. when it shall happened Southern Cameroons will break away with greater effussiveness. aloys A. who is fooling who?
I remained concerned about the fact that Cameroonians are utterlly confused on how to go about offrooting Biya from power. We now have more than enough prof.Dr,teachers as previousely commented by Bob Bristo, We need students, those who are willing to go in for action. Brothers with Nails, Fertilizer,cell Phones, mines, sugar,i assure you we will move a step ahead. I am surprise we still write and talk about Institutions in this forum, Cameroon is a failed state take it or you leave it,some of us are too far from realities. I have the impression little is known about what goes on in Cameroon today. All these literature will not help Cameroon. (A Time Bomb). Action is needed bros. Cameroonians in the diaspora we should be determined to orchastrate change in Cameroon my advise is that all our Airports at home be occupied by diasporas,No movements and let the revolution begins. We are tired of this literature.
Gentlemen, i will assure you the above discussions are very inciting. Make no mistake the Government in power has failed and every effort to rebuild Cameroon is an illusion untill paul Biya and his tribal Government goes. Hinsley let me make it clear that our talents at home and abroad needs to be given a chance to prosper.we need fresh air and light, that cannot be achieved with the present regime. We due a Citizen Review Groups to oversee government policy and development, can that work with the government of Mr, Paul Biya BILLY? No Way. Cameroonians needs the post of an unbudsman who will have to investigate beyond limites can that happened in Cameroon? It boils down to what billy talked about ( The Fundamental law of the Land, the constitution) Hinsley you talked about building powerfull Communities,permit me briefly list some skill areas and core to building powerfull Communities which we strongly need. - Research and Observation - Communication. - Working with people Empowerment and activation. - Reflective practice. -Negotiation. -Social analysis,Policy analysis,Group work, Development, Just to mention a few. This is just a rehearsal to what Bob bristol earlier mention somany lectures limited listeners. i will not hesitate to say we need to kill inorder to rebuild cameroon. i served this nation For 9rs and wonder what we have done to God to pour such incomplete being in the likes of Paul biya and his tribal leaders into that green space called Cameroon.
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Gentlemen, the angels of sorrow hovers over the land for more than 50yrs today,some of us seems to assert the fact we are the perpetrators of these evil. Infact am stunned by the fact that even with the rising political consciousness, global consciousness some of our brothers still cannot figure out that Anglophone Cameroon could eventually become a paradise in the course of separation. Brother mallam Shehu all my life i have worked lived with my brothers from South West of Cameroon. I served in the public service for 9yrs and i can tell you my brothers we are treated as second class citizen. This is one reason i resign from Sonel. Most of my friends are married from Mamfe, Kumba,Buea.There is absolutely no problem between South West and North West.Only CPDM bootlickers in South West and North West will dare use fake ammunitions to preach dirty politics. The writing is clearly written on the wall the Francophones are pretending just to exploite petrol, diamond,Forest,etc. It will never work.However i strongly believe with a firm constitution we could build a better Southern Cameroons.
njimaforboy, Limbekid. prof. Dr. Alain Dipoko. I remain concerned that all potential options to eliminate Paul Biya should be put on the table,and should be persuaded with utmost speed untill then we will never sing a new song to our children.
Jupits, stay put the race is not for the fittest but for those who can make it.When the battle shall begin, we will decide to stay or depart,My brother Jupit, the French man says "ce le moment" This is the moment.Come 2011 the fate of Southern Cameroons shall be decided by Southern Cameroons. keep your bombs, matchets,clubs we shall chase them out.Biya must go.
Njimafor Boy is it not amasing that we waited all night long for paul Biya to visit Bamenda in march to celebrate his so called faked 50 anniversary and he never turn up? How i wish he attempted. "Bulsh shit" This time around we would have decorated him as Fons of death and not as the fons of Fons. Biya you are very close to your grave, The trillions you and you gang have amased in foriegn banks must be brought back. You must be joking, fool.
Chinua Achebe in one of his novels talkes about- "things fall apart and the center can no longer holds" Biyasm has reach a point of diminishing return. Gentlemen let us open our eyes the results of the lions in South Africa speaks it loud. He did every possible best to secure a win in order to use it as spring ground to declare his candidature for the up coming election. The gods of our land stood firm and said enough is enough. Take it or you leave it, Cameroon is a time bomb. An absess that needs to be insice. We will strike with precision, Our mission statement has been put across for those who can see, learn,take precaution. I believe Njimaforboy, Chief Ayuk Arrey, and a host of others have been speaking. Cameroonians keep your pieces of sticks ready for the Battle is about to begin. PAUL BIYA MUST GO.come 2011. MBUAMASSOCK has started.tracks are being circulted in the Economic Capital inviting the youths to stay on alerts.
Teacher,Mallam Shehu,i longed for that day,and pray for that day we shall be liberated.When an Anglophone will be appointed to head the Ministry of Finance,Defence,Territorial Administration.When Akenjis logo will be recognised and he shall be rewarded judiciously.When an Anglophone will precide over activities at the Unity palace.I longed for that day we shall visit Manyu without spending three days of nightmare in the forest.When our files will be process in Buea without running to Yaounde,I longed for that day when the Cameroon bank will be reinstituted,Wada,Mirudep,Marketing Board,Limbe seaport.When the prime minister lodge in Buea will be use as a touristic site to attract Tourist.When our toll gates will be used to construct more express raods.
Gentlemen, the above article explores and exposed the ugly head of slave trade,and slavery.learnded men,make no mistake" African leaders constitute the bulk of our contemporary slavery.Take it or you leave it the impact of slave trade and slavery extends hitherto.Ras i honour your points but accept with me that every African leader in the podium of power is a tyrant,Why?i find it hard to believe that if Biya wants to conduct a free, fair election France will be a hindrance.When it comes to appointment he turns to be tribalistic,France Britain will not dictate such to him.However we accept the fact that some African leaders are used as headboys to bully their citizens.Therefore i suggest the blame should not be onesided,i will say 60% for African leaders for accommodating foriegn views which are distructive to the citizen,and 40% for external influence.We as a people must rise up and defend our culture and interest. Secondly,with a fair and balance terrain,a supportive governmemt,the transfer of tecnology will not be a problem. its all about determination.It suffices an enterprising government to create links with countries like Venezuela,Cuba,Russia,India,Brazil,Vietnam,South Korea. Cameroonians should be train to manage the MINISRY of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH which is defunct.Who cares. All said and done i strongly believe we have a duty to sit up and stop complaining.Forward looking and reason in the 21century.
jdsomgait,very elated and encourage by your postings,my eyes seek tears,the beloved Cameroon.Facts and feelings from your comments,we are tired,you dare not have a vision in Cameroon you shall be crushed.What a country in decline? you mention above on the possibilities of setting a firm in Cameroon,how can we? at this critical period,we are scared,Ohhhh' Cameroon.
Dear brothers the debate on globalization may be kilometric to delve into,i however appreciate this gentleman "jdsomgait" you have tactically explain the views of Internationalist,Nationalist,and some of us with pessimistic views in relation to globalization.Infact i love your comments,the idea of globalization is a pure hyperbole in my understanding. Where do we put the regional groupings like the Europian union? talk less of Cemac,Ecowas? As jdsomgait did mention it is the brain child of the west to expliot our resources.From the "marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of europe to the britton Hood stuff. Now they developed a new word (SAP)Structural adjustment pr. poverty reduction,Brother its all about a pro market government,ie you must privatise all, for instance Sonel,Snec,Military,unity palace to the multi-National corporations.Without which ?????. Presently i am doing a research on public policy,using the new governance and management approach,who cares? using Ireland as my case study.IMF, World Bank,big thieves.Watchout for Greece and Greek,I like you comments jdsomgait very educative for those reading social sciences,community Development in masters level. Programmes like the new governance and management should be taken in ENAM to further educate our potential corrupt administrators.
My brother njimaforboy,rest assured, take note no confuse soul can successfully keep the voices of the people silent. Keep up the spirit.Stay focus,we shall strike our targets with maximum precision. "Secrets"
Gentlemen, what an intresting debate.There is fire on the mountain."MAN NO RUN"
Dear Mr.Julius Nyamkimah Fodong,i apprecaite your effort for atleast standing tall to recognise that there is an Anglophone problem.If we go down memory-lane we all accept the fact that, it was a marriage of convinience,listen to me,when a union between couples developed friction,what comes in mind is dialogue and peace untill all the avenues for truce are exhausted then shall we start to think court, seperation,devorce,etc. I am a victim of marginalization,from every indication its seems we are forcing ourselves to live with our French brothers.Having served in a Para-public company,i will have much to tell you.I testify i was permanently treated a second class citizen when it comes advancement or promotion.Talkless of the language of communication in some offices,think of it" neither the two official languages,but an ethnic language,how does it sound and explain the national Unity fought with complimentarity?{double standared}I hope Cameroonians would have love to use our cultural diversity to enrich our culture.Who will not be anxious to be multilingual?My dear Fondong there are plethora reasons why we must advocate for divorce. Yes,so you said,(With the advent of decentralization there should be a strategic shift from confrontation to accomodation.Who cares? It is either they intimidate,arrest,killed,imprison,torture,create an atmosphere of fear then the sons and daughters of Southern Cameroons will escape to foriegn lands.We will not relent our efforts. We have repeatedly advocates for federated states or automous states.Fondong, the idea of devorce started breeding,when we realised these guys were out to exploite.All strategic ministries for them,Defence,Finance,Territorial Administration.All sate owned corporation and GM for our French brothers. The Government should be fair enough to accept a federal system of governance,"fear".the 1996 constitution and the draft dececntralization law both seek to restructure a political space such that minorities who make up the majority of one region in a multi-ethnic democracy like the one we are striving for should reserved the right to local and regional self governance?Why not? The government fear words like federation, autonomy, and choose region,Fondong enlighten me on the difference between Regional Autonomy and A federal states.Regions attached with strings.
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Watesih,Bob Bristol,Louis Egbe Mbua,my people say learning is a continues process.Your comments were formidable.Facts and feelings raise in your comments.This is objective talk for others to learn.thank you gentlemen.
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Tikum Mbah Azongha,upon your return from England,you were so mean and isolated,i and some of my friends catapulled you to where you are today.Remembered we met at the International Hotel in Bamenda,we spoke lenghtly, a part time journalist with radio Bamenda,I wrote repeatedly and praise your professionalism, courage,I contributed positively about you and persistently made the late Becky Ndive in the morning show to invite you to be part of the show? Your father Mr,Tikum a night watchman in IRA Bambili in the 70s struggle and sent you to Britain for studies to end up a betrayal?I am not surprise with your malicious thought,the day i met you in Bafut in an offcial vist to cover O'Ndong- Ndongs secret meetings it immediately came to me that you were now part of the corrupt Administration in Yaounde. We know where to get you.Take care.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on The Paradox of the SCNC at Up Station Mountain Club
Aloysius, take it or you leave it,the media is the fourth power in all Democratic society.The press has collapsed Government,The current wave of arrest of press men in Cameroon is a testimony the press is working.The press is the mouth piece of the down troden. Aloysius,i will invite the international community,Cameroonians, press men around the world to stay on alert.we must not complain and be passif,action must accompany this wanton arrest of journalist in the country.Press Men why not strategise you plans and go on the street? something must be done to tell Bi-Mvondo we are up for business.
Yes,gentlemen another big it a civilian or a military coup,the time is now my brothers and sisters.The courage and spirit of resiliance we espoused in 90s must be revisited folks. There are civilian and military forces in our society and region that turn to emphasize extreme individualism or narrow notions of bottom line,left to thier own divices to destroy our nation.These devices undermines both the social, economic,and the political growth of our country.These forces must be named,challenged, and overcome. We all accept that power and influence and basic security have been stripped off our hands by these forces that lack human face.Now listen to me folks, we will device a strategy to use fertilzer and sugar to come out with roadside bombs.we will mount the roadside bombs in all CPDM Grand rallies,thus we will smoked them out of thier holes.They will all dissapeard into the thin air.Some will be lynch.So shall we see a beautifull Nation. Folks rise up,the shape of the future will depend upon our willingness and ability to withstand these evil forces,the military will join us. Make no mistake the military can never kill 18 million people.REVOLUTION FOLKS.
Ngwane,that was a sound and touching piece.Your write-up buttress the fact that,the ruling elite lack a tourism Culture,the culture of Community as a sense of belonging is lacking.The irreverent manner espoused by the ruling dictators in Yaounde has created a culture of laziness in todays generation. Limbekid,i differ with the economic argument that the Tourism sector should not be a priority,what then should the ruling thieves focus on?keeping their private Bank account top?Experience has proven that the tourism sector is an income generating source.For instance Ireland is an emerging economy that relies on taxes and the tourism sector. Tourist around the world flush in to viste the kerry county.This is Govenment initiative,infact we could learn from history to build a better futur. Ngwane,i expected you to conclude with a call for a mental revolution let alone a physical one,we need a complete change in the helm of power.Our leaders are exhausted and need rest but greed will never let them go.REVOLUTION,REVOLUTION,POWER TO THE PEOPLE.LETS FIGHT.