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Mr. Enonguene, Before you make such discrediting statements, you need to have reliable evidences to back them up! This National Committee for Fight against Corruption (CONAC) is fake and does not exist. The so called anonym members are Ndongo Carlson and wife, Mendouga (Ex-Cameroonian’s ambassador in the US) and wife and Amadou Who still works in the embassy. These defamations are the result of a pure jealousy among these diplomatic individuals that at many occasions tried to get Mr. Ngoubene fired and did not meet their goal because the man’s root in Cameroun was stronger than theirs. Due to their organized mafia ( retaining people who asked for Asylum Passports including those of family members of Cameroon higher authorities, Alteration of money orders for their own expenses, falsification of official document stamps), they were all recalled before the person (Ngoubene) who stood on their ways. Mr. Ndongo Carlson personally took on him to have the job done by fabricating this letter you all read. Mr. Ndongo who was in charge of passports, took money from individuals, raped girl in every corner of Washington before returning their passports. Many of these individuals are ready to come forward when the time comes. Talking about corruption, Mr. Ndongo and ex-ambassador were the most corrupted people in the embassy! Mr. Ndongo instead of using the school allowance to send his children to school, decide to use them toward a Mercedes Benz for himself and a Land Cruiser for his wife, while Mr. Ngoubene was driving a Mitsubishi and used his to send his kids to college. Now that the kids have succeeded and each holding a nice job including a lawyer, who can all afford any cars; these morons are claiming that they were purchased by the government money! Where are Mr. Ndongo’s kids? They all look like people in drugs. All these checks listed as proof were all altered. They were initially issued to these same individuals and their drivers and they altered it to read the name of people close to Mr. Ngoubene. The fact that they were all recalled and their enemy Mr. Ngoubene still there is killing them and they are out carrying this type of crime and bias you all believe it. The Ex- ambassador even stated from his jail location that he is reserving a space for Mr. Ngoubene and sent his wife, ndongo and others to do the job. Again for those that believe in this letter, IT IS A PURE JEALOUSY AND I STRONGER BELIEVE THAT IF THEY FIND AN OPPORTUNITY, THEY WILL EVEN KILL THE GUY. I AM ALSO AND EMBASSY’S EMPLOYEE AND WILL KEEP YOU POSTED ON THIS STORY. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT SOON. THIS ASSOCIATION IS NOT REGISTERED ANYWHERE AND HAS NO CREDIBILITY. THEY SHOULD POST THEIR LOCATION.
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Oct 23, 2009