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. . . I had a whole comment written out with the details of my current migraine (weather, stress, hormones, cold/sinus) and the browser ate it; obviously a sign that I need to work MUCH harder on Offering It Up! like a good person because Lent starts soon anyway. But thinking, in and of itself, is difficult when nausea and pain and emotions are all haywire. Hang in there and we will all somehow get through this winter.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2014 on Ouch at abc family
I used to be aware of privilege, things like my parents making decent amounts of money, having health insurance, eating take-out for lunch at work, etc, but recent (in the past few years) injuries have given me an entirely different perspective on privilege. I want to go back in time and tell my younger self to run, play sports, hike, walk everywhere, while I still could. I have been incredibly humbled by the resulting arthritis and have much more compassion for the elderly now! We spent the weekend at an old friend's condo, while back in DC for a wedding (and unable to afford a hotel), and spent a while discussing the strange feeling of being in a relatively upscale home of people the same age as us but much, much, much wealthier (we are both students). All their furniture is one matching set! They have frozen dinners in their freezer! Their parking space is in a private garage next to an elevator which goes right up near their door! But our apartment is home, with all of the mismatched inherited furniture, giant bookcases overflowing with books, and fluffy blankets & hoodies on every available surface. We have the privilege of going to school to do what we WANT to do -- unlike our friends who have 'boring' jobs (their word, not ours, I believe jobs are as boring as one makes them) who complain about their lack of purpose. I am very grateful for the privilege of having the sweetest dog ever. I can't imagine not being able to have a dog.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2012 on Got It Good at abc family