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I had an urge to find pictures of this Church as I attended an Ash Wednesday service here in 2007 while I was studying in Rome. It is a marvellous place and quite unknown to most tourists. I also must say that I really enjoy viewing your website. I loved living in Rome and it's nice to re-live some of my favourite memories here. Cheers, Michael
This, along with "Advice to a Prophet" has always left me asking way more questions. Rather enjoyable, and Mr. Wilbur always gets to the heart of so much.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2012 on On today's Gospel reading at Second Terrace
I am of the opinion that those who read Dan Brown and proclaim him an author for all seasons do so because he is in fact the only author they have read. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the classics, including modern ones like Graham Greene and Faulkner, has an understanding of what true longevity is. There will always be authors that appeal to emotions, but not enough of authors who appeal to the soul. Oh, and before the accusations of snobbery start being hurled at me, do remember that I have no problem with reading for pure entertainment. How else would I get my mystery and fantasy novels in?
Dan Brown is afraid of embarrassing a life long academic and leader of a world wide organization? Really? I mean, I love cheesy romance and thriller novels as much as the next guy, but is this real? As for embarrassment, if Brown hasn't been embarrassed by now then I don't know what could do it.