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It was such an honor to be able to work with you to bring Mommy Sabbatical to life! It was also a lot of fun! I can't wait to see you go deeper and further into this adventure--sharing, serving and loving mommy so much! James
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2013 on Kinda Pregnant at Stumbling Around in The Light
Kevin - I'm honored to have you and so many others in FAA at my side through my free agent journey! What an amazing interview we had with Kenny Wallace...a true free agent! I'm going to be listening to this one several times to extract all the goodness Kenny shared. I've followed him for years but he shared a new level of his passion today.
Thank you for writing this! My father retired in that building in 1993 and US Strategic Command was my last duty assignment. Though it was almost 10 years ago, your words ring true. You've captured both the military members' dedication to mission and the heart behind it. It's what I miss most now that I'm no longer in uniform. James
Teri - You have never been so close to perfect as when I've visited and even stayed at your home. I'm always amazed at what you do and how you can do it with all the kids and people and craziness that are our events. But in all your stress next time, remember...we are FAAmily! And even though we can stress over visitors (family or FAAmily), know that most won't notice the imperfections or even care...they just want to enjoy the precious time we have together. Hated missing this one, but hope to make the next one. Maybe even bring my excuse for missing with me! I know she'd have a blast! Love you guys! James
Dan Miller just called me a cow! At least I'm a free range cow! :)
Wow! I feel sorry for anyone who isn't inspired by this! I needed this right now...and will be off to see my grandparents soon. Thanks for sharing this with the world. I'm sure your grandfather had no idea the legacy he left and how it continues to grow. Blessed by you constantly! James
Preach it, brother! So blessed to be a member and a leader in FAA! Now who's up for the challenge? Who's going to live a different life starting NOW? James Woosley FAA Roadmap Professor
Are you a wizard? You post this the same day it arrives in my mailbox?!?!?! How did you get the USPS to do that? As for my goals, well, I completely struck out. Zero for three. But it does help me see a pattern that's holding back my progress. Nonetheless, I've moved forward in other areas, including some very significant ones. Thanks for this exercise, Jonathan! Very insightful and interesting!
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2010 on I wrote myself a letter at Jonathan Pool
Wouldn't it be interesting if we had to choose to go out on our own and be self-sufficient, owing nothing to the government or those who choose the opposite, to be wards of the state? We could each have the "utopia" of our choosing. Fast forward and one will collapse and one will teach the survivors a new way, and the vision of our forefathers would be strengthened in the same way a broken bone heals stronger than it was before. Our society can't be separated so absolutely. Yet in the end, the change will come. Choose a new way today, or have it thrust upon you in the collapse of a company, a market, a society, or a nation. Amen brother! Big freaking amen! James Woosley
Shawn, You're only a year older than me and your story really hits home. I cannot imagine the emotions running through you and your family during this time. I'm sure each and every moment is precious right now...but really aren't they all? We only need perspective to see it. Praying for a masterful surgery and recovery for you! James
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2010 on Shawn's Chapter at 7 Chapters
Purpose is a big word, Kevin. It gets thrown around a lot, but you've re-positioned it well. Quite a challenge to anyone you've inspired here! I hope they take you up on it and start their journey. James Woosley FAA Roadmap Professor PS - Nekoda came from a cereal box? Is that how you ended up with seven kids? I may never eat cereal again! :)
Knowing and working with Susanne on her biz, I can tell you she is making amazing progress because she lives it and shares it. Quite simply...if you know Susanne, you know her passions. James Woosley