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One of CONCACAF's more promising young talent is not a no name.
awwww looks like somebody's feelings were hurt when the quakes defeated their team. There, there.....
And here comes the Bradley haterssssss......that's right, ignore the fact that their domestic league has been suspended for a while, that Egypt is a mess right now and that ... Im sorry Bradley brought you guys such disappointment. Losing to Brazil in the confed cup must be disappointing. Winning our World Cup group must be disappointing. Getting first in CONCACAF 2010 world cup qualifying must be disappointing...
i cant tell if you're joking....that first goal was definitely onside
uhhhhhh no. What statistics have you been reading, mister?
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on USL Pro: A Look Back at Week 2 at Soccer By Ives
Still called up Rico Clark which Bradley haters were furious with
Tell that to Villar. He's injured now from a that tackle that you consider "not bad"
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2012 on MLS suspends, fines Joseph at Soccer By Ives
how on earth is that even fair when the refs arent MLS refs.....they are USSF and CSA refs
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2012 on MLS suspends, fines Joseph at Soccer By Ives
of course, balance it best. Im just saying the one end of the spectrum with suspensions is alot more appealing than the other spectrum of doing nothing. Some people on here just like criticizing for the sake of criticizing. There's no pleasing those people and it benefits nothing. Finding balance is the key and im sure MLS will find that balance as this policy is fairly new. Give it time.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2012 on MLS suspends, fines Joseph at Soccer By Ives
Last season: "MLS will never attract talent when its the talented stars like Morales, Ferraira and Zakuani that are frequently targeted but left unprotected" This season: "MLS is getting too carried away with all these fines and suspensions" The league just cannot please some people. At worst, it pisses fans and teams alike, but at makes a player hesitate go for a Mondaini or Mullan tackle. I repeat, at best, it prevents another Zakuani incident from occurring. Keep it up MLS HQ!
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2012 on MLS suspends, fines Joseph at Soccer By Ives
with Hernandez and Opara as backup, i dont think quakes will have that problem
Just had to hit that post on what could have been your 3rd goal of the game. No hat disappointed in you, Wondo. The only way Wondo will get called up by Klinnsman now is if he keeps scoring hat tricks....cuz obviously, just leading the league in goals for two straight year aint cutting it for Klinnsman...How Bunbury gets called up is a mystery????
yea, cuz the refs are top notch in the EPL (sarcasm)! Lets ask Holden how clean the players in the EPL are
With the addition of Ream, I can slowly add to my incomplete EPL starting XI -------------TBD-----TBD------------- Dempsey-----TBD---Holden----Donovan(sighhhh) Lichaj---Ream---Whitbread-----TBD---- ----------------Howard--------------- I give it another 3-4 years before we have all the positions filled :]
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
hahahah +1
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on Revs add Nguyen in waiver draft at Soccer By Ives
I dont know why so many people on this blog are saying that he sucks since i doubt they have seen him play one match at club level. Ignorance. As a fellow asian american, ive been keenly following his career from his first cap against china, to his move to PSV to Randers and to his unfortunate stint in the V-league. I hope he lights it up against all his MLS foes (except the quakes) and show the league that Vancouver made a huge mistake in waiving him.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2012 on Revs add Nguyen in waiver draft at Soccer By Ives
nevermind, there is a waiver draft tomorrow
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Whitecaps waive Nguyen at Soccer By Ives
Since he was waived, does that mean he is a free agent? Or does a team have to "compensate" Vancouver for his rights? Hope the quakes pick him up. We have a large asian american population in the bay area. My dad told me the other day that his vietnamese radio news station was informing us when Lee Nguyen would be coming to san jose to play the quakes so he would draw some people (like my dad who isnt an MLS fan btw)
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2012 on Whitecaps waive Nguyen at Soccer By Ives
How cute. You make it sound so easy to build a world class stadium. You make it sound like the quakes FO had no clue what companies resided in their own area. Commenter fail.
you cant seriously be judging them based on friendlies, right?
Lets keep up this kind of "bratty five year old" comments so we can also have guys like "Soccer Guy" join his made up folk and leave this website. (i dont know how he knows that people are leaving when SBI consistently wins Best Blog award by US Soccer) You ask for discussion but you only discredit others with insults instead of debating them. Sheesh what a troll. Instead of focusing on the negatives of LD, try to see the positives on what he brings to the team and that is RESULTS! The team is getting RESULTS from who? Oh thats right, LD. What sane person would bench a player who is setting up almost all of Everton's goals? Soccer Guy, good luck finding a sportswriter/website that agrees with you so you can follow them instead. Hope i dont see you post on SBI again.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2012 on Union part ways with Mondragon at Soccer By Ives
I watch sports to see winners play at their highest level. If someone gets butthurt over being thrashed, well guess what, show some professional mental toughness and get over it! When its not professional competition (college, youth league, recreation, etc), you bring up valid points but for God's sake, its olympic qualifiers! You do know some reserves played their hearts out cuz, you know, they all want to be in the starting XI. Also, after what DR did to Kreiger, they deserved to lose 30-0
"Struggled"?!?! He took his chances well and if it werent for Morales's great reflexes, Wondo could have had one or maybe even two goals. He was more dangerous than Shea and Bunbury and he only played 30 minutes. Take off your Wondo-hating glasses cause they are blurring your vision. He had a great game.
Kev, rewatch the game if you think Wondo did nothing in his 30 minutes of action. He forced two good saves from Morales, had one header from distance go just wide, and set up a wide open Bunbury with a beautiful touch only for Bunbury to whiff at it. Wondo was our most dangerous forward.