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Sep 13, 2010
Hey Jeff, You think you have it tough? Try writing a 'gay' cozy mystery. As an animal lover, I can handle the pet thing. And being a non-violent, soft cussing sort of person, those rules are dealt with as easily as my next breath. However, the sex thing? Hello. The best I can hope for (if I stay true to the moral code of cozies and my story is produced under a 'Pride Banner' publisher) is some sexual tension, some passing sexual innuendoes, a little cuddling, a smooch, then the men go towards the bedroom, shut the door, and the imagination takes over... (*sigh) Of course, when one takes in consideration the old boy's club (AKA New York Publishing) and the brick and mortar stores --- gods forbid having a non-hetero cozy sitting on the shelves with the other mystery cozies(even though there is NO sex inside.) After all, it might give off contagious 'cooties' (GASP!) to the readers, and they may want even more (HORRORS!) GLBTQA mysteries for their reading pleasure. Until we have a society free of prejudice, I'm better off blurring the lines of fictional genre and taking the route of 'Gay Romantic Suspense', which is welcomed with open arms in the world of small press/e-publishing. And by taking this road less traveled, I still am kind to animals, and I continue to avoid graphic violence and hard core swear words. But the sex? Hey, my male characters are happy and so are my readers. PS - the only time I enjoy a good book burning is when I am reading a story on apocalyptic times and the tomes are used for a last resort alternative heat source. Even then, I have to admit, I get a little testy if certain titles are mentioned (however, one can burn all the Microsoft Visa manuals. That is one program I have no use for.)
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Sep 13, 2010
WOW - have you guys been reading my thoughts? (*places aluminum foil wrap helmet on head to block the transmissions) I will add to the "Things I don't Care About" list: * most of today's so-called music * all of the current televisions shows EXCEPT the Big Bang Theory * most of the news - local and national (and the non-personalities of most news anchors) * most anything put out by the New York publishers (go Indie and E-books!) * What's new on the McDonalds (or any fast food chain) menu * Most of the opinions of my conserative extremest neighbors * How white I can get my teeth * Anything that is advertised in an infomerical * SPAM - both in mail and the (uh-hum) meat product.
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As a MAJOR fan of Classic Trek - GAWD I love this!!! Thanks for the laugh!
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