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Williamsburg, Va
Dogs... Cody is my world! Great Dane Service Dog 2 B mine maybe next year!
Interests: Dogs, they have saved my life! school...
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An ice cold teething ring!!! And yes, I think the tooth fairly should visit puppies. Just make sure the pup gets the goodie!!!
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This is Talos all the way! Why are our boys silly????
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You bet I can!!! Between barks, tail wags, foot steps, eating, drinking etc!!! Cody and Talos are so different!
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chocolate cake socks hair ties socks underwear carpet It must be a lab thing....???
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We LOVE you!
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Sweet Cody is 13 :)
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Oh Neems!
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Since there was chocolate involved, and we all know chocolate is a no-no for dogs, did he get sick? Take him to the vet? I hope he is ok. Should you take the hubby to dog training class with you? I love you!
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My sweet Lily Pad. We love you so much and are very sad you are in doggie hell. Cody and Talos love you and hope a speady and uneventful recovery for you.
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Talos sends woofs. Love you little one.
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I wish Talos learned "Bath!!!" Some days he'll surprise me with water running etc. Other days he bolts (more often than not)like lighting! Can't wait to see the video!
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2012 on Teaching "Take a Bath?!" at The Smart Dog U Blog
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Love that sweet gentle girl! You struck a cord talking about how much longer she'll be around. Cody's 13 and it breaks my heart at the thought.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Love Grows at The Smart Dog U Blog
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Mommy always complains about the hair being everywhere! Clothes etc! I've told her many a times, "who cares, i'm clean!"
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Dog Hair Diaries at The Smart Dog U Blog
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What a day it was! Minus the fact that I was high on pain pills, recovering from surgery, and fighting infection, I managed to get through it. That day I truly gained a family of 6 plus give or take the number of dogs! I love you guys more than words could say and I am happy and proud to call you family.
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Dec 17, 2011
Oh Ikey, We love you <3. Talos sends woofs!!!
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