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Wasn't he in Beatlejuice too?
It will be great seeing Donovan play in EPL. My young sons have been asking for him to be on their fantasy EPL teams since August. I'll finaly be able to transfer him in.
I would love to play Spain in the first round. It would be great to beat them again and through their "We would win 9 out of 10" comments back in their face. I see that most people want the easiest path to the second round but I would love to play a top team along the way. I loved wathcing the USA beat Portugal 3-2 in 2002 and Spain 2-0 in the Confed Cup. The best vicories are the hard ones. 1st Choice Spain, Switzerland, Algeria. 2nd England, Portugal, Uraguay, 3rd SA, Netherlands, Nigeria. I would like to aviod a group of death with anyone but SA the Netherlands and us.
So if we get put in with the African teams we get a one in three shot at South Africa's group. That sounds good but I can't help but think Mexico would get in with S.A. They always seem to get a good draw.
Galaxy-Chivas=Galaxy-Huston=Galaxy-Crew=Galaxy MLS CUP!