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Saunders is a good keeper who's battling some demons right now. I'm glad they're letting him celebrate the championship he was such a big part of. The Galaxy miss him. So, let's raise a glass...
I'd like to see some of the new Euroblood play with these guys... Johnson, Williams, chandler. But if my dreams came true, it'd be Dempsey, Donovan & Bradley.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2012 on U.S. Under-23 training camp update at Soccer By Ives
Never seen Gyau before. Holy shnykees! Boy can ball. Confident on the ball and just BLOWS past defenders. Can't WAIT to see him again.
Bradley BOSSED this game. And I'm liking the new jerseys. Different, but I don't mind the sleeves at all. Looks good.
Awesome! I can actually comment on a kid that's from MY area (Fresno/Clovis, CA). He attended a rival high school to the one where I teach, but they share many club players. All the students I know who know him have NO idea he's even ELIGIBLE for Bulgaria. He bleed Red, White & Blue, my friends. Hell, his HS was even Red White & Blue. I'd bet his salary that he'll play for USA if asked.
Yes, many of them do. But Torres is consistently the one who the "possession and creativity" crowd swoon over whenever we look out of sorts. I pray this game puts the Torres myth to rest.
The soccer revolution WILL BE TELEVISED!!!
Bradley is not the reason Torres has sucked EVERY time he's been in the squad.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Bradley fired as USA coach at Soccer By Ives
CONCACAF ensures that teams send their best sides to Copa Oro by making that the confed cup qualifier. CONMEBOL this year forced MEX and CRC(?) to send their B teams to Copa America to soften the group stages evenly. That said, I'd LOVE to see a western hemisphere Copa Americas.
Actually, it was CONMEBOL. Don't blame CONCACAF for South America wanting to try to ensure a SA team wins their tournament.
Mike McGee would have saved that.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2011 on Must-See Goal: Mike Magee at Soccer By Ives
Pia Sundhage does not.
Hope Solo give me a funny feeling deep down in my tummy.
Rather than just pointing out travesties of the market (read: Cummings/Casey), this list SCREAMS for a Sabremetric analysis of who the MLS Best Value XI is. And I think every owner in the league would want to see it.
Dickson Etuhu for Fulham is atrocious. Everytime Fulham move in to some sort of attacking position and Etuhu gets a touch and sends it to the nearest ManUre player. He's almost earned a penalty, and for the last few games, he's contributes more OWN goals than had involvement in his own teams scoring. Not luck...just bad.
There is something to be said for wanting to go to an organization that you are familiar with, that has players you enjoy playing with, and an atmosphere that appreciates your contributions. Landon would not be going over, necessarily, for a permanent move, but for a loan spell that would take him up to the start of the MLS season. Why not play for a team you like?
Edu is a FINE centerback. Please identify one mistake, or organizational/fundamental weakness he SHOWED tonight. There isn't one, aside from an occasional mis-touch that all footballers have. I think he's the answer to finding the best players on the pitch.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on USA settles for tie vs. Poland at Soccer By Ives
I know. This is the third time I've said this but... despite the goal, Edu looks just fine at CB.
Poles can't handle the Gooch!
And I extolled him before...I really like Edu in CB.
JOZY!!!!!!! Terrible first touch, huh?
Edu looked pretty solid on that through ball for Poland.
Count me as one who loves, LOVES this line up. W/o Donovan, Bradley is putting his best players on the pitch, and I think putting Edu at centerback is inspired. It should only raise the level of ball control coming from the back line, and gets a central triangle of Edu, Jones and Jr. I'm pumped.