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Jan 11, 2010
Needs and wants,the brewers always have to be playing worst case senario. as it's been said we can't afford another Suppan type deal! On paper nobody stands a chance with NY Yanks, but that's the beauty of this game, when guys play over their head and group together and pull off the seemingly impossible. It's always about potential. What do you think you can get out of a player IF they do their best, IF they don't get hurt. The Brew Crew missed out on the playoffs by 10 games! Not alot. Hopefully, whomever we get, our new pitching coach will get them to perform at their optimum. The piece we lost that I think hurt the most, in my opinion, is Mike Maddux. He was magic at getting the most from the least. He made alot of Ifs into reality. He salvaged a set-up guy or closer every year. Hope the new man, IS the man!