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Ken Berger
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I'll be impressed when it works for Asian languages. Even if it just pronounces the characters.
c'mon Dave, u think we is idjuts? You and Mike are *colluding* on this whole story just to get pageviews! You must be peppering your new fund's IRR via ad$sen$e ! (knee slap)
"more angel investors will try to be value add." I think they will make an effort to *sound* value-add. But as they get stretched thinner by having to do ever more deals, and become less differentiated per your predictions, this will be harder for them to actually deliver. Much like it often has been w/ VC's who initially sounded like they could offer a lot, but a few years in the entrep wonders how they were much different than a bank.
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I wonder what you might think of The Singularity.
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OMG-- slide 25 !!#$%
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very useful and cool. would love to hear the narrated soundtrack too, if there ever is one. This is too action-packed to be a silent movie!
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Call me nuts, but the lighting makes it look like Mark is wearing a yamaka. I'm pleased to see you decided on a Jewish wedding :)
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