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My money says he doesn't even dress.
Brett, why do you think they call him Deuce? If his nickname were Trey, then we'd all go for the hat trick hope. But if I were an excellent soccer player, I would like my nickname to be "Pele to the second power" and I'd be thrilled if someone hoped I scored a brace. When I was a kid at Shriner's Hospital, that phrase had a whole different meaning. And I really was a kid at Shriner's hospital. We all wished we didn't need to score a brace, and we'd be pissed if someone hoped we did.
based on the underwhelming response to my post, you're probably right. But it's not just the WC at issue, it's FIFA imploding before our very eyes....
off topic, and maybe I missed it elsewhere on Ive's site, but the latest FIFA news is amazing, absurd, simply wacko.....Bin Hamman is refusing to move the Cup to Winter, at the same time Blatter is saying it's likely to happen. What a mess.
And let's not forget that it the scheduling could happen at the height of our College American football bowl/NFL playoff season. Some of us, after all, enjoy both sports. Won't that be fun for the major networks.
How do you figure they run out of Natural Gas?
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on World Cup Voting Breakdown at Soccer By Ives
Maybe so, but they have 12 years and apparently limitless financial resources. They'll be ready with the stadia and hotels, and the roads, too (though I'm less certain about that....gridlock could still rule the day). I think, and I know this isn't novel, that the bigger issues will be the heat and how flexible the Qataris are about allowing western customs......
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on World Cup Voting Breakdown at Soccer By Ives
And even if all the stadiums were domed, there's technology that allows the grass to grow....Frankfurt's stadium used in the 2006 WC is domed and it has a beautiful pitch.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2010 on World Cup Voting Breakdown at Soccer By Ives
THAT was hilarious. He should enter a tractor pulling contest.
following from Honolulu
If you have the time ahead of the match, try to march in with the fan parade. It starts 3-4 blocks directly north of the stadium, with a band, drums, flares, and raunchy chants (the tamest one I heard when something like "we are the sounders! We are the sounders! Nobody likes us! We don't care!" My kids loved that one. The introduction of the players is like...well, I'll let you experience it. enjoy...
D...almost the entire lower bowl is on its feet the whole game. Took my kids to a match there this summer. Marched in with the parade (had to cover their ears for some of the chants), and just watched two hours of barely controlled mayhem in the stands. The entrance of the teams is spectacular just before kick off. Anyone visiting Seattle with any interest in soccer should go to a match. A very complete experience.
best line of the thread
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Meet the future of the USMNT at Soccer By Ives
Since both of you have monikers borrowed from brilliant poets I'd think you'd be a little less snarky toward each other.
Yeah, I can vouch for Ives. It's only 11 pm here in Honolulu....
I thought he might end up in Norway, particularly Bergen or Alsund. Both cities are known for their rapidly growing Mexican communities (apparently, the new laws in Arizona have something to do with this) and it's common knowledge that the tequila they serve there is very, very cool.
Emerald City Brother, I agree with you about supporting league wide attendance but with all due respect, three out of four of those descriptors--crap weather, weeknight during vacation, struggling team--could apply to Seattle on any given home game night this summer and the Sounders would still draw 35K. Why is it Seattle gets this right and most of the rest of the league draws like a AAA baseball can't just be product....
Which means what? Red Bull fans only travel when it's free? Not sure I understand your comparison: five hour free bus ride vs. five hour $400 flight. 35K Sounder fans at all home games for a team barely out of last place.
When someone is released like this, do they get any severance pay?
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on Dynamo cut Landin, add Obodai at Soccer By Ives