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Describe a “great teacher. What are the critical attributes of a “great teacher” teaching five classes a day of lower income minority children who in this era of globalization see their parents jobless, helpless and feeling hopeless? Private schools “cherry pick” their students. Public and charters don’t have that option. A demographic group that can pay tuition is “invested” in their children’s education and reinforces at home what is taught in school. We won’t discuss the experiences and opportunities their parent’s provide to them that are commensurate with their intellectual development. If they don’t behave, they can be permanently excluded. Talk about the rich getting richer.
Needing both the brightest and most energetic, our urban students benefit from the caliber of commitment provided by these young spark plugs . And certainly I wish they would stay longer – a five year commitment would be ideal. . However, a number of these young teachers move on to create their own schools, to run for school board, to become activists, to become doctors and lawyers who practice in urban communities. It’s no wonder Teachh for America is celebrating twenty years. As a social entrepreneur, Wendy Kopp sets the educational bar. Having found a problem facing the society, having developed an innovative solution to address it, she fought like a pit bull to see it through fruition.. Detroit would be blessed for the Teach for America corps to relocate here. Working investment banker hours, seven to ten such teachers in each high school would be a reform model in itself. I dream of a day when Teach for America will no longer be necessary. As Wendy Kopp notes: And one day ALL children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.