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I do wish it was possible to stop parents from indoctrinating their kids at such a young age. I mean I'm not teaching my kids to be atheists. I'm just answering their questions as honestly as possible. It will be a bummer if they turn out to be christians and/or republicans but I'd rather they used their own brains to figure out what delusions they need to make it through this insane thing called life on Earth. hahahaha That sounds a bit too much like SubGenius dogma ;) I do think that some people really need to go into a fantasy world of some kind in order to deal with the reality of the situation, because the reality of life, when looked at clearly, is not an easy pill to swallow. I often wonder what human life would be like without religion and if maybe religion made it possible for people to continue on when life became too bleak. Maybe atheism is easier these days, coming from a position of comfort. Maybe religion was needed but now needs to be cast off in order for humanity to continue.
I just got tired of religious people always trying to say that atheists had faith that there was no god(s). I used to read alt.atheism and so many dishonest theists would try to equate atheism with religion and it's such a lame tactic. Also, The word atheist or atheism has such a stigma and I also felt like agnostic people that don't believe should also realize that they were also atheists and should not be afraid of that word. But maybe they should since atheists are the most hated and distrusted people in the world hahahaha! What a crazy world it is.
Glad I could help. I remember chatting with you about lack of belief. There's no way I could ever be as clear and eloquent as QualiaSoup. If anyone has trouble with what being atheist or agnostic is really about, I suggest they watch this video:
Don't think of an elephant! Thanks for the mental image. :P Have you even been hypnotized? Maybe you're not that susceptible to it. Maybe we're defective and our God receiver antennas aren't working. I blame God for that. He screwed up when he made me so I can't detect him. He's a douche if he holds that against me. I blame him for my poor eyesight too. You think he could have made a better eye for humans. How cool would it be to have hawk eyes? And a blood hound's nose. Like Woody said, if there is a God I don't think that he's evil. I think the worst you can say about him is that he's an underachiever. I can relate to that. A douchey underachiever.
That's really cool. It was probably far easier to do a google search than actually dig up a real visa. Why do you keep mentioning roman numerals? I don't see any. Just sayin'...
I want this GPS.
That cover would be a lot better if it had Fabio on it.