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Well stated post on the importance of practical wisdom, and relationships in the world of business. I completely agree that people, their relationships, and their ability to judge, understand, and adapt a situation (and the tools available) is something that will allow a business to be more flexible and capable of doing more with less. (A powerful business model with today's personal climate of increased 'connectivity'.) The difficult part to this in my mind is measurement. While I agree that it is an evolution in how we look at business the act of measurement has remained the same for countless years. Profit is being profitable and measured via numbers which have not really changed. The advantage (and I am open to suggestion otherwise) in my mind of a process (especially those with a capital P) is that it allows for measurable, expected, and easily reproduced results. Ad hoc processes (or lower case processes) would fundamentally be more difficult (and thereby much more costly?) to measure. This makes it more difficult to make decisions. We make effective decisions based off of information available to us. The more accurate the information, and the more information we have the better our decision should be? What are your thoughts on this? In my mind collaborative decision making with capital P driven information often leads to the best result. Perhaps social wisdom or new methodologies for measurement and reproducing results are how we match this powerful benefit of capital letter processes? Thank you, Richard Harbridge
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on The Rise Of Networks, The End Of Process at /Message
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